Meet The Paranormal Examiner

Melissa and her mare Trudia
Melissa and her mare Trudia

Hi, I’m Melissa Alvarez, the National Paranormal Examiner for, a multi-published award winning author and internationally known clairvoyant advisor. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.




I have been clairvoyant since the age of fourteen when I experienced a sudden illness. It was very much like the flu but I was unable to raise my head from my pillow without feeling intense pain. The doctor could never give us a diagnosis other than what it wasn’t. Oddly enough, I saw an elemental spirit that morning who told me that I would get very ill and afterwards I would be able to “know” things. I have since found out that psychic abilities run on both sides of my family for many generations and that the illness just brought out the abilities that I’d had since birth. During the years I have opened myself mentally and spiritually and with God’s help I have been able to fine tune my abilities. I have learned not to fear these abilities but to accept them because they have indeed been given to me by God in order to help people that I meet on this journey that we call life.


My psychic abilities come to me in different forms. I receive information from, Angels, Spirits Guides and Spirit. The information is received in the form of visions, dreams, by hearing something whispered in my ear, and just by “knowing”. I’ve woken up members of my family in the middle of the night because of a prophetic dream. I tune into a person’s vibrational energy to receive information about them and I do not have to be face to face with you to do this. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, a conscious channel medium, empathic and have clairscent, clairtangency (also known as psychometry) and precognition abilities. I also have the ability to read a person’s past lives to give you information that may be of help to you in this lifetime. I have been told that I work on a very high vibrational level by others in the field because, when I’m doing a reading, I use all of these abilities simultaneously.
I began doing online readings in 1994 and for the first two years I did free psychic readings in order to determine my accuracy level. It is my belief that if you can’t be accurate in the reading, then you shouldn’t be doing psychic readings. I offer readings because I feel that I was given this ability to help others. And it’s the emails that I’ve received after I’ve done someone’s reading that keeps me doing them. If I received a lot of negative email about the readings I’d stop doing them. It’s my calling, not my primary source of income. Currently I still offer free readings once a month through a random drawing on my websites. I also have a BA degree, am an award winning author, graphic artist and website designer. I became involved in the publishing industry in 2000. I formed New Age Dimensions to self-publish my first book, The Phoenix’s Guide To Self-Renewal, which was released in January 2001. It quickly landed in’s Top 1000 where it stayed until it went out of print. At the time, I was manufacturing the 416-page book in my home and eventually couldn’t keep up with the demand. The learning process that went with the publication of this book was phenomenal. I jumped into the industry in an unconventional way but it was fun and worthwhile. 
Between March of 2004 and February of 2006 I operated New Age Dimensions as a small press. The company had forty authors and over seventy titles released. During this time I designed the book covers, created the print book layouts and eBook files, designed and maintained websites for the company as well as some of the authors. The company won awards for website design and the books published received numerous five star reviews and won many awards including EPPIE’S, the Oscars of ePublishing.
Because of the industry contacts I made when I worked as The Guide To Romance Fiction at, I decided to release my first paranormal romantic suspense novel, Night Visions, under the pen name Ariana Dupré. I wanted the book to stand on its own, to receive good or bad reviews because of the writing, not because I knew a lot of people in the romance industry or because I owned the publishing company. I didn’t want my jobs, past or present, to affect the reviews in any way (good or bad). So I kept Ariana’s real identity a secret until enough reviews came in that I knew the book had indeed earned success on its own. Night Visions became a multiple award winning title that is currently published by Cerridwen Press. My other books with Cerridwen Press are a novella titled, Paradise Designs, in the Beneath A Christmas Moon Anthology and Talgorian Prophecy. Both titles are paranormal romantic suspense. I also have two books forthcoming from The Lotus Circle titled Handwriting Analysis To Go and Color Power To Go.
I have been a regular columnist for Suite Magazine, a writing correspondent for The American Kennel Club, a freelance editor, and I am considered a publishing expert and I’m listed on a Writer’s Digest Top 100 website as such. I have appeared on radio shows in the same capacity. I also volunteer as a judge for writing contests. As an internationally known clairvoyant advisor, with experience in many different areas of metaphysics and as a paranormal romantic suspense author, I wrote an article about the emergence of the psychic fiction genre for Romantic Times BOOKclub Magazine. I have also been published in The Writer’s Net Anthology of Prose, Paranormal Experiences Volume One, New Age Dimensions Holiday Extravaganza, and was quoted in Book Marketing A-Z by Francine Silverman, How To Operate A Successful Pizza & Sub Restaurant by Shri Henkel, Successful Meetings by Shri Henkel and Book Promo 101 by Nikki Leigh.
I am the founder of International Paranormal Fiction Month, a member of Romance Writer’s of America including the following chapters: PASIC, RWA Online, Kiss Of Death, Futuristic, Fantasy & Paranormal, and From The Heart. I’m listed as a Publishing Expert at Moonspinners Ask the Experts (Writer’s Digest Top 100 Website), and a Spirituality & Publishing Expert at I previously ran two paranormal groups at, and I’m listed in Bob Olsen’s Best Psychic Directory and at Best Psychics.
I can speak or write about the following topics:
•         The publishing industry – how to get started, self publishing, owning a small press, critiquing, manuscript formatting, romance fiction, the submission process, looking at both sides of the industry as a publisher and author, ebooks, psychic fiction, and many other topics.
•         Metaphysics – clairvoyance, past lives and past life readings, ghosts & hauntings, developing your psychic abilities, spiritual awakenings, spirit guides, empathic abilities, psychometry, telepathy, divination, life paths and lessons, connecting with your higher self, unlocking latent abilities, meditation on the go, crystals, chakras, tarot, pendulums, third eye activation, karma, soul quests, palmistry, elemental spirits, protecting with white light and much more.
My husband and I are breeders of champion Friesian horses. I love to ride and we’re expecting a new foal this spring.
So now you know a little about me. While I know that the topics I write about are controversial, it is my goal as the Paranormal Examiner to bring you a plethora of information about all things of a paranormal, psychic and metaphysical nature  including mind/body/spirit topics (just to name a few).  These articles do not necessarily reflect my personal beliefs but give you “possibilities” to consider. Whether it’s a breaking news story about the discovery of a strange creature or a how to guide on developing psychic abilities, the articles that I will provide to you will hopefully offer enlightenment – even if it’s only to open your mind to possibilities beyond our normal experiences.
I can be reached via email at or through my author website at and my psychic reading website at My books are available for sale from Cerridwen Press.