Local paranormal investigative group featured on The Travel Channel

Photo © The Travel Channel
Photo © The Travel Channel

One of the paranormal investigative groups listed here just informed me of an exciting event. The Travel Channel featured The Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society (NKYPS) on their website. This feature is a big step for the newly formed group based out of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Travel Channel discusses one of the groups investigations, which Zak from the Ghost Adventures series also discovered paranormal activity. Recently, I interviewed one of the founders of the group, Christel Brooks, about their group. I was impressed with the group’s professionalism. They even provided me with the video release form that gave the group permission to use another paranormal group’s video on their site. I hadn’t even asked for it.

With the amount of media attention garnered by the Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society, this is definitely a group to watch.

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