conducts free online ghost hunt tonight in the suicide house

LiveSciFi.TV free online ghost hunt tonight in the “Suicide House” starting at 8:00 PM Pacific, 11:00 PM Eastern.


When: Saturday, 2.7.2009 8:00pm pst/11:00 pm est

The team performs a LIVE, Interactive, Ghost Hunt, at a private residence which is referred to as the suicide house due to the past death of it deceased owner and because of the Inhuman entity which is believed to inhabit the home.

This a free, live and Interactive paranormal investigation web cast. This broadcast gives you the luxury of participating in a real investigation from teh comfort of your home. It will also allow you to watch how the investigators endure throughout the course of the night.

The chat feature allows you to interact with the team and participate with other viewers as investigators. Live call-in’s are also allowed so that you can preform your own evp sessions from home.

The team will be streaming via live head cams, a variety of multi cam/DVR views, thermal cameras, and environmental measuring data equipment on the site.

This is a free site and event, which means you don’t have to pay anything to watch and interact with the cast members.

What will the team encounter tonight in the suicide house? Tune in to find out.