Lisa Lee Harp Waugh will attempt to astral project her living spirit form on Halloween

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh
Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh, The Great American Necromancer, will attempt to astral project  her spirit form around the world on Halloween night.

This is the first public experiment of its kind. Waugh regularly calls up ghosts and spirits to question and is putting herself in an astral trance just to see if it’s possible to project the astral body into the physical realm. She’s proficient in astral trance and hopes to appear to paranormal groups, mediums and psychics around the world who will try to channel her “live ghost” to make an appearance at their events.
While astral travel, or soul travel, is a common concept and practice, this will be the first attempt to have others attempt to see a specific astral traveler at a pre-designated time. If successful, this event will be the first “out of body” experience to be documented around the world where the ghost of a living person is called up during a séance.
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