Let there be lips

Happy Halloween!
Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween if I didn’t talk about a favorite cult classic movie today. I first saw this movie in college and went to the midnight showing for years. What movie am I talking about? None other than The Rocky Horror Picture Show starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Richard O’Brian and Meatloaf . This comedy features a Transylvanian transvestite, Frankenstein’s monster, a cryogenically-preserved biker and everyone running around in their underwear.
When Rocky Horror Picture Show released in 1975 it wasn’t a big hit. Then 20th Century Fox released it to the midnight show circuit. Slowly the film became an interactive event. To truly “experience” Rocky Horror, you have to see it in a movie theatre, at midnight, with a plethora of Rocky Horror fans. 
The basic plot of the movie is
Those who are going to see the movie for the first time are considered “virgins”. If it isn’t your first screening then you know what to bring: toast, toilet paper, an umbrella, rice, a party hat and noisemaker, rubber gloves, a watergun (yes, you’ll get wet), a flashlight or lighter, a newspaper, hot dogs, and a deck of cards. During the movie these items (not in the order I’ve listed) will be used and thrown so if you’re sitting down front – you’ll get wet and have toast or rice in your hair. As the movie plays, you’ll also participate along with the script by shouting out specific things that have been added by audience members.
If you’ve never seen Rocky Horror there’s nothing better than being surprised at a midnight showing, but if you’d like to be prepared then I’d suggest renting the DVD so you know what’s going on and reviewing the audience participation script before attending the movie in the theatre. Why? Because the audience participation will drown out the actor’s voices and you’ll be lost. The sideshow of members acting out the movie in front of the screen will distract you.
So don your finest fishnet stockings, put on a thick coat of eyeliner and make your lips the glossiest red you can find before you go with a group of your friends to see The Rocky Horror Picture show. You’ll have a blast.
Here’s the original movie trailer:

Let’s do the Time Warp again! I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!