Kill your husband with Visine and eat your eyeball; weekend freaky fun galore

Photo © Leaderpharma
Photo © Leaderpharma

Is it a weekend for eyes or what? Just yesterday Jamie Van Eaton, Low Carb Examiner wrote about the death row inmate who ate his own eyeball and now a woman has tried to kill her husband with Visine. Unbelievable.

This happened in southwest Missouri where a forty-year-old woman is accused of spiking her husband’s tea with a half bottle of Visine eye drops. She’s being held on $100,000 bond and charged with first-degree assault. The husband told investigators that he’s had stomach problems for the past two months.

Can Visine do more than “get the red out”? Poison control experts told the Springfield News-Leader, who broke the story, that Visine can cause serious symptoms that could lead to a coma.

How did officials find out about this bizarre murder attempt? The woman told a co-worker about the plan, which is awesome news for the husband and the co-worker turned her in to the police.