Is there a cure for werewolf syndrome

Pruthviraj Patil - Photo: Barcroft Media
Pruthviraj Patil – Photo: Barcroft Media

Once upon a time, when freak shows at the traveling circus were the norm, the Werewolf would have been a great sideshow. But when you really think about it, what a struggle it must be to have to deal with this condition. Not only for the person who has this genetic condition called hypertrichosis but for their families as well.

Pruthviraj Patil, an eleven year old boy in India, deals with it every day. Kids in school can be ruthless to their peers, cruel in their teasing and laughter whether they realize it or not, and feelings can be easily hurt. But for a child that has this condition, it must be even more difficult. Pruthviraj is said to be a happy boy even though he’s been bullied at school and rarely leaves his home village. He states, “My greatest desire is that the hair should go.” He just might get his wish.

At Columbia University, scientists have discovered that testosterone injections stop the growth of hair. While only about fifty people in the world have hypertrichosis, these people now have hope that this condition can be treated and possibly cured. In the past Pruthviraj’s family have tried all kinds of treatments including laser surgery but nothing has worked, the hair just grows back. Scientists filmed their research in the documentary, “My Shocking Story: Real Wolf Kids”. Hopefully this treatment works permanently so that Pruthviraj and others like him can lead normal lives.


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Photos by: Barcroft Media