Interview with paranormal investigator Christel Brooks

Paranormal Investigator, Christel Brooks, is the Founder of the Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society where she also works as a case manager. If you’re in the  Northern Kentucky area and would like to become a member please use the contact information is included at the end of the interview. If you’d like to view videos that the team took during investigations, they’re posted on the website.
Interview with Christel Brooks
I think it should be brought to the public’s knowledge and attention that not every haunting is demonic and evil as most people think. This is a misconception in reality.
Just because you have a haunting, does it mean it is demonic or evil?
Absolutely not, in fact, the most common two types of hauntings are residual and intelligent hauntings.
What do residual and intelligent hauntings mean?
A residual haunting is, in fact, not even a spirit, if you think about a cassette tape and how it just plays over and over, that is what a residual haunting does, it has no knowledge that you or anyone else is even there. An intelligent haunting is the total opposite, it does know you are there and most of the time will do things to try and get your attention to let you know it is there.
Can a ghost or spirit haunt something other than a home?
Most definitely, a spirit can attach its self to an object that was dear to them, a person or a home. It is not necessarily always the home that is haunted; in fact, we had a case recently where it was the person and not the home.
How does a person know if it is indeed a demonic or evil spirit?
If it is demonic, which is not the case for the most part, you will certainly know because it will cause harm to someone in the home. Now an evil spirit is not the same as a demonic spirit. A so called evil spirit could actually just be an angry ghost. You have to realize that if you were an angry person in your living years then you’re probably going to be the same after death. It’s important to not confuse an evil spirit, angry spirit and a demonic spirit.
Has your group ever encountered anything evil or demonic?
We have not come across anything demonic thus far, however we have came across something I would classify as evil in two different investigations. The first was at the infamous Bobby Mackey’s Music World and I think everyone knows the story behind that place if you’re into the paranormal. (If you don’t, just click on the link.) During our investigation, we had a guest investigator from another group with us. He was videotaping and was then shoved into the wall by an unseen force.
The other was a residence we did just this month, we got a few EVP’s from there,  one stating “Azrael’s Coming” (which is the angel of death) and another saying “Natas” (which is Satan said backwards), however, I am an ordained Minister and I did bless the home and there has been no more activity in the home since.
What should you do if you think you have an evil or demonic spirit in your home?
Do not by any means try and figure this out on your own, if it really is the case, you need to have trained investigators collect the evidence for you and then take it from there, such as a blessing of the location by your Priest or Minister. Someone in the group that investigates may be certified to do this, if not, they can always direct you in the right direction to get you help. Any good investigating team, groups such as my own, take every measure possible to insure the safety of their clients and stay with them as long as it takes to get them feeling secure in their homes or businesses again.
Does a blessing of the location always work?
No one can 100% guarantee that it will work, it may have to be performed more then once and maybe by more than one Minister or Priest or even different styles of blessings, but I  myself have blessed a couple different homes and all have been a success.
Is it good to use Ouija boards and have séances to help bring out the ghost or spirits?
Absolutely not, but that is just my own opinion, things like that in MY opinion bring about evil spirits and sometimes things you don’t want or that you may not be able to get rid of once they are there.
Can anyone become a ghost hunter?
Yes, anyone can but I would not recommend that anyone just go out looking for ghost or spirits. You need to have someone who is experienced with you to show you the proper way of doing things to ensure your own safety, although ghost hunting is often considered a hobby or fun, there are safety measures that need to be taken. One never knows what they might run into and you want to be sure you can handle it if the situation arrived where you indeed do come across something evil. Also, never trespass on any property; always seek permission from the right persons before entering a location.
How can you find a local investigating group when you need help?
Melissa has listed a variety of groups sorted out be states on here. Seek out your state, go through the list, research each group until you find one that you think best suits your own personal needs and situation then send them an email. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have when emailing them. I am sure none of them will have a problem with answering your questions for you.
Contact Information:
Christel Brooks
Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society
Founder/Case Manager