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How To Use The Paranormal Examiner section of

I understand that the topics that I write about here at can be highly controversial. People either believe or they don’t. It is my goal as the Paranormal Examiner to bring you a plethora of information about all things of a paranormal, psychic, new age, metaphysical, mind/body/spirit and offbeat news topics just to name a few.

These articles do not necessarily reflect my personal beliefs but give you “possibilities” to consider. People believe in a wide variety of different things and I try to represent as many of those beliefs as I can within this column. Just because you disagree, doesn’t mean that I’m not a credible journalist or that the idea is bogus – you may even be the one who is wrong. Whether it’s a breaking news story about the discovery of a strange creature or a how to guide on developing psychic abilities, the articles that I provide, while often controversial, will hopefully offer enlightenment even if it’s only to open your mind to “possibilities” beyond our normal experiences.

While I welcome your comments and encourage an open exchange of ideas in an environment of mutual respect, unfortunately some people have nothing better to do than to viciously attack others when they disagree with a topic. It’s cruel negativity and nothing else. It was regularly happening in the comments section. If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all. I will enable this kind of behavior nor will I tolerate cursing, threats, flaming, name calliing, bashing or any other kind of disrespectful behavior on this section of Examiner. If you don’t agree and can only act out when you post then don’t read my site.

Here are my rules. Please follow them:

Comments: I have had to put rules into place about the comment section of the paranormal examiner section of I will not write to notify you of changes to your comments so read this section prior to posting.

  • Please keep your comments civil and on topic.
  • Any comments that are flaming, ridiculing, threatening or demeaning to another person in any way will be deleted immediately.
  • At my discretion, I will eliminate all comment postings on an article if those posts are being used by readers to stir up controversy and flame others. Many of the articles I post are to give you something to think about – especially when they are news stories. They do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion and they’re definitely not intended to set people off on a furious frenzy of attacking others just because they agree or disagree with the content of an article.
  • I reserve the right to move your reader experience comment to the reader experiences section as an article or comment if you post it in the wrong place.
  • Do not spam the comments section. All spam will be deleted.
  • Do not use profanity in the comments. All posts using profanity will be deleted.
  • Do not advertise your business, books, shows or website in the comments. If you’d like to be featured in an article just email me or if you’d like to advertise click here. All posts with links to other sites that are strictly advertising will be deleted. Links to other sites that pertain to the article I’ve written or offer something of value to my readers about the article topic will be allowed at my discretion.

Email: I try to answer all of my email as quickly as possible. I receive a lot of emails through this site so it may take a little longer for me to respond than I would like. If I’ve received your email you will more than likely hear back from me although I don’t guarantee a response. If for some reason it’s been a month or longer and I haven’t answered, then I probably didn’t receive your email and you might want to resend. If you’re writing for a psychic reading, I don’t do readings through Examiner. All psychic reading requests need to be submitted through my sites at and The only free readings I’m doing right now are in the monthly drawings.

Best of Articles: When I write a “best of” article I spend several weeks doing research before awarding the banner that designates the “top ten” within the “best of” listing. These listings are solely MY opinion. I try to be very fair in the selections and do not choose organizations, publications or anyone that I have found to be doing something unethical.

That said – whether an article is in the “best of” category or not, I will not go around to other organizations within the same field to dig up gossip, rumors or “he said, she said” information prior to finalizing the best of list or posting an article that features a person or  group that someone may have had a problem with in the past. If you do not agree with the top ten list that I have designated “best of” or the person/group that I have written about in an article – that’s your choice. You don’t have to agree but I will not withdraw an award based on things that happened between others in the past and that are no longer applicable nor will I remove an article or edit/rewrite an article to favor your group just because you write to me and say “so and so did this and so and so used to do that”. I am a neutral party when it comes to problems you may have had with someone that I have chosen to write about in a feature article or given a “best of” award. Thanks for understanding about this.

So there you have it. Please follow these rules when participating on the paranormal examiner site. I reserve the right to add to these rules if needed.’s Rules:
Any questions please see Examiner’s Terms Of Service.