How to be featured here

As the National Paranormal Examiner, I’m always looking for interesting topics to feature on the site. I’ve had lots of inquiries from people asking if I’m interested in writing about their group, their book, their career and so forth. I’m happy to write feature articles that bring good, useful information to my readers.
If you would like to be considered for a feature article here’s what you need to do. Send me an email that includes the following:
1.      Your name and group’s name (if applicable)
2.      An alternative working email address.
3.      Your phone number – if it’s okay for me to call you.
4.      What I’ll be writing about in your feature. Is it a book, event, group, paranormal investigations or something else? Let me know the topic of the article.
5.      If you’re requesting an interview you’ll need to provide me with ten questions with answers that focus on your topic, group, career or book. After reading what you send, I may request that you answer additional questions. I wish I had the time to individually create questionnaires for each person and group but unfortunately I don’t.
Once I’ve had time to go over your email, I’ll either write the article and send you the link when it’s live, contact you for additional information, call you up to discuss the feature with you, or let you know that I don’t feel what you sent is appropriate for the website. While I will give each and every request for a feature article careful consideration, I cannot guarantee that everyone who requests a feature article will be accommodated.
Please note that if you submit information for an interview, feature article or photos to be placed on the site, you are asking me to provide you with free publicity. And I’ll happily give it to you but there is something you need to understand before submitting anything for consideration. I receive a lot of traffic on this site, the site is set up to take comments and people may make comments in response to the article I write about you, some of which you may not like or agree with or they may disagree with you. That’s part of being put in the public eye in sixty markets nationally which is what you’ll receive if I write about you. I moderate comments and don’t allow flaming (see how to use this site) but I will not delete comments just because a commenter doesn’t agree with you. Make sure you have thick skin before asking to be promoted here.
If you have a question about a topic that I haven’t written about yet, just send it to me via email and I’ll write an article that addresses your question. If you don’t see your paranormal investigative group on my lists just drop me an email and let me know and I’ll add you. I included as many as I could find but I’m sure I missed some.
Thanks for your interest in being featured on or doing a free workshop for the National Paranormal Examiner site.