He’s back; Snowzilla mysteriously returns despite cease and desist notice

There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found….

In Anchorage Alaska, despite the city’s cease-and-desist order, Snowzilla stands tall and proud. The original Snowzilla creator Billy Powers doesn’t know how the giant snowman came into existence this year. I’ve created a slideshow of Snowzilla below. If you’ve never seen him, this is one snowman you don’t want to miss.

When the city gave him the order not to build the giant snowman, stating it was dangerous and that it caused too much traffic on the neighborhood’s snowy streets, Powers said “it’s over”.

The website launch of Snowzilla.org accompanied the appearance of the 2008 Snowzilla. On the site, it states:

Snowzilla.org supports Billy Powers. Donations will go 100% to Billy Powers. In case he doesn’t need to defend himself legally, the money will be returned to who has donated. If you donate, name and amount will be published on the Donations page unless you ask to be anonymous. Show your support, build your own Snowzilla in a safe place & send in the pictures to supportsnowzilla@gmail.com & we will show them on this website.

Registered through GoDaddy.com, the website owner’s information is protected, so if you decided to “support” this cause, you will never know who is getting your money or what the website owners will really do with that money. For all you know, I could have set it up from sunny South Florida and am just pocketing the money – but I didn’t and I’m not.

If Powers built Snowzilla, then why not say so and deal with the legalities later. If you’re going to fight the system then fight it out in the open. If someone else, or the whole town built the snowman on Powers’ behalf, why not say that too after the shock and awe of the snowman’s mysterious arrival wore off? Then fight for those snow people’s rights in truth instead of hiding behind a secret. I’d support the right for Powers to build his snowman if it was all on the up and up on the Snowzilla.org site but I’d never donate to a website where I couldn’t verify who is collecting the money. If you don’t know who is being held responsible for the funds and proof as to how it’s being spent then you’re just throwing your money away.

Still, Snowzilla made his return during the dark of night and no one seems to know how it happened. At least no one who knows is telling. Then again, maybe there was a bit of magic in that old silk hat sitting on Snowzilla’s head.


Marc Lester of Anchorage Daily News videotaped his Interview with the original Snowzilla creator Billy Powers after Snowzilla’s miraculous appearance.