Halloween fun

Halloween brings out the paranormal at every turn. This week I’ve discovered that a Tarot card reader has predicted doom and gloom for Pine Valley on All My Children, there is Galactic Ghoul in outer space and you can take your special someone on a fun and entertaining Halloween date.  There’s nothing cuter than kids dressed up for trick or treating, helping them make healthy Halloween treats or carving/decorating a pumpkin.
If you don’t have kids or a special someone, what can you do for fun this Halloween?
Haunted houses are always a lot of fun. I’ve listed the top ten “Scare You Senseless” Halloween attractions that you can visit. Check it out and see if there is one near you. A warning though – some of the videos are intense. Maybe visiting a real haunted house is more your style. If it is then make sure you check out the Top Five signs a house may be haunted and 101 Signs that you have encountered a ghost. If you live close enough you may even be able to hook up with one of the best paranormal investigative teams in the country to see how an actual ghost hunter conducts an investigation of a haunted house.
Whatever you do this Halloween have fun and be safe. If you do see a real ghost this Halloween, and would like to tell us all about it, just let me know. I’d love to interview you for an article on the site.