Guest makes astrological prediction for Obama’s presidency during interview

Veno, Vedic Astrologer, Photo © Veno
Veno, Vedic Astrologer, Photo © Veno

In her recent interview Vedic Astrologer Veno made a prediction about President Elect Barack Obama’s presidency. Here’s what she said: 

Do you have any insights about the new USA president Barack Obama?

Politics is a grey area, because there are more powers at work behind the scenes then the ones that are public figure heads. Looking at Obama’s birth chart he is currently running Jupiter Mars period until February 2010 followed by Jupiter Rahu after that time until July 2012. Mars is malefically placed in his 8th house with the north node Rahu. Apart from a great deal of personal turmoil and some threats to his personal wellbeing, he is occupying the presidency during a time when his country will undergo significant transformations through upheavals of a rather negative nature. The ideals which he has promised are not going to be successfully achieved because Mars occupies a weak degree and Rahu’s influence can show them being radically distorted or altered, but during his presidential occupation there should be some attempts to enact major changes in the economic and military structure. He is prepared to take risks. His Jupiter is conjunct Saturn in his first house in Capricorn. He will maintain his reputation as being a champion of the underdog and so those in the lower echelons of society might benefit economically during a brief time, but it looks as though he has entered office during a period of great crisis and military unrest. I think he will get caught in a storm which he feels he has little control over. Saying that his Mars and Rahu are well placed in the navamsa so I think at the end of the day he will feel he did his job to the best of his ability.
This interview was published in its entirety on this page. The response to the question, Do you have any insights about the new USA president Barack Obama?, the predictions are Veno’s opinion based upon her knowledge and use of vedic astrology.