Ghost quilts online show and tell

Event: Ghost Quilt online and on the phone Show & TellWhen: Online and on your phone simultaneously on Sat., April 11th, at 10 AM Pacific, noon Central and 1PM Eastern time

Contact: Kimberly Wulfert, PHD,


PHOTO: Kim Wulfert describes her Postage Stamp variation, 1940’s. Her two reproduction quilts for the workshop hang behind her. Tehachapi Mountain Quilters, April 2008. Picture copywriter Kimberly Wulfert, PH.D.  Kimberly Wulfert is a psychologist, quilt historian, & communicator through her voice, pen & art. She repurposed her passion for exploring minds to research and understand the deeper meaning of quilts as history & and the women who made them. Interviewing women in the creative arts & related businesses provides insight into another layer of the creative process in women in the arts. She runs the blogs,

Quilters Spirit and Women On Quilts and the website, New Pathways Into Quilt History. She also has a secret – she loves to read, watch and hear stories about ghosts and haunted places. She’s a big fan of the Ghost Hunters on the Sci Fi Channel and has now decided to go on her very first ghost hunt.

Because she is a self proclaimed “scaredy cat”, Kim booked her tour during the day. She’ll tour haunted places in a neighboring town. I bet that she’ll soon be booking a night tour pretty soon. To celebrate this event, Kim is hosting a show and tell event online and over the phone simultaneously on Saturday, April 11, 2009.

Do you have a quilt that you believe is haunted? Do weird things happen when someone sleeps under the quilt? Was this quilt a gift to you and you’ve had ghostly things happening in your home since you received it? Or did you feel someone looking over your shoulder as you made the quilt yourself – someone who wasn’t there? If so, and you’d like to share your experiences with Kim and her guests you should submit your entry into the online show and tell. First, you’ll need to send a photo of your quilt to Kim at this Email address. Then you’ll need to be online and on your phone on Saturday, April 11th at at 10 AM Pacific, noon Central and 1PM Eastern time. Kim will be webcasting via GoToWebinar so that those who have sent pictures of their quilts can talk about their quilt’s ghost. After the show and tell event Kim will join the ghost hunters in downtown Ventura to go on her first ghost hunt. Once Kim receives your picture she will email you to let you know that you’ve made it into the event. Please only submit one quilt (if you have two ghost quilts she wants to know but only send pictures of one unless the other is requested).

This is a very unique event and I’m planning on dropping by if possible. I’d love to see everyone’s haunted quilts.