Ghost pictures sent in by a reader; what do you think these are?

Recently I had a reader, Joseph Ladouceur, send me a few photographs he’d taken in his home, which he believes is haunted. There definitely appears to be some anomalies in these pictures so, with his permission, I’m posting them for you to see and comment on. I didn’t have the space to make them as big as he sent them to me but hopefully you can see the anomalies.

All Photos © 2008 Joseph Ladouceur.

The first photo is one that was taken as Joseph looked out of his kitchen window into the night. When I first saw this, I thought that he had rheumatoid arthritis due to the shape of his hands. In our email exchanges, he told me that his hands looked like an older person. So I asked if he could send a picture of his hand as comparison. There are also several faces showing in the mirror. Joseph has marked them so they’re easier for you to find. The picture was taken with his cell phone, you can see the reflection of it in the window. That would mean the faces in the picture are also reflections, right? Or did the camera pick up images both in reflection and beyond the window pane? What do you think?

Here’s the picture. Look at his hand.



And here’s the picture of how his hand really looks. No arthritis there.


This next picture has a lot of orbs in it. My position on orbs is that most of the time they can be attributed to dust, bugs, rain drops, snow or any number of things that aren’t of a paranormal nature. That said, there are also times when the orb is more likely to be that of a spirit. I’ve seen orbs with faces inside of them and orbs that almost have a human shape. So, while I don’t rule out orbs as possible spirits, I don’t automatically assume that just because an orb is in a picture that it’s a ghost manifesting. The unique thing about this picture is the face in the lower right hand corner, which is also marked for your convenience.


This last picture also needs a bit of explanation. First, I’m really big on NOT putting your kids pictures online. So, the gray circle over the child’s face – I put that in there to protect the child’s privacy. You’ll also see a thin black circle in the picture. I added that too so that you’d notice the face of the spirit in this photo. I can tell you that the face in the black circle looks nothing like the child. Now, notice not only the face but look down the length of the picture, you’ll see that it appears that this spirit is carrying something and it looks like it’s running. You can really see it clearly in the bigger sized picture but it’s as big as I can get it on here. What do you think Joseph captured in this picture?