Ghost Hunters launches an interactive social website

Image Copyright © SCI FI
Image Copyright © SCI FI

You’ve seen them on television; you’ve watched their investigations, now you can join them online in their new interactive social website appropriately named Join The Hunt.

On Join The Hunt you can view ghost stories, ask a TAPS member questions, vote on pictures of hauntings, learn how to hunt ghosts via weekly tutorials, and view resources to help you as a ghost hunter.
The site requires registration before you can participate. Within the community you can make friends, host a blog, post your own ghost stories and leave comments for others.
For fans of Ghost Hunters, members of TAPS and other investigative groups, this site has the potential to offer a plethora of information. Join The Hunt just launched so don’t hesitate to check it out today.
On Halloween night, you can also be a part of the biggest paranormal event of the year. The 7-hour Ghost Hunter’s Live special, October 31st at 7/6C.

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