Evidence links remains to the Anthony’s home

Sherriff Kevin Beary
Sherriff Kevin Beary

Though it hasn’t been officially stated that the remains found yesterday within a half mile of the Anthony’s home are that of toddler Caylee Anthony, a medical examiner has found evidence that links the remains to the home of the missing child. An emergency hearing is going on at the time of this writing in regards to this case.

Orange County Sherriff Kevin Beary said the medical examiner found “some clues that came out of the remains” which “linked it to the house” but he wouldn’t elaborate about the clues and instead only said,

“We took some things out of the house that the forensic people are very interested in.”

When asked if he thought the remains were Cayle, he said,

“I think it’s a good possibility, but I have to wait seven to 14 days for the DNA analysis.”

Beary plans to see this case through and hopes that it is closed by the time he retires in January. His team and the FBI are working around the clock this weekend to identify the remains.

Casey Anthony, who insists she left Caylee with a baby sitter in June, didn’t report her daughter as missing until July. Police interviewed Anthony and soon discovered that everything she told them about her daughter’s whereabouts wasn’t true, the baby sitter didn’t even exist, the apartment where she’d last seen Caylee was empty and she even lied about her job. While her parents still believe in her innocence despite all of the lies, Casey Anthony was charged with first degree murder even without the discovery of Caylee’s body. Casey was told about the discovery of the remains yesterday and is under psychological observation, not suicide watch.

In November the Orange County State Attorney turned over almost eight hundred pages of documents. Someone at the Anthony home had searched online using keywords such as “neck breaking” and “household weapons” and had searched for “peroxide, acetone, alcohol, chloroform and shovels.” Traces of chloroform were found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car.

Caylee Anthony’s grandparents were out of town but traveling home when they received the news of the remains yesterday. Officials from the state attorney’s office have said they will not comment until this investigation is complete. Does that mean we’ll have to wait the full fourteen days for the DNA results or will the evidence with the remains be so overwhelming that they will know without a doubt that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter or that she didn’t.

If she did, then the courts could seek the death penalty for Casey Anthony.