Divorced Saudi father marries off 8 year old daughter to a 58 year old man for a £5,000 dowry

“]The girl's mother. [AP Photo]
The girl
The girl’s mother went to the Saudi courts and asked the courts to divorce her daughter from a man fifty years her senior. The young girl’s father who is divorced from the girl’s mother, made the deal because he is in financial trouble. He did this without the mother’s knowledge and the girl lives with her mother – not her father.

Has this guy got nerve or what? Let’s see – how can I get money? Oh I know, I’ll sell my daughter to some old geezer and not tell her or my ex-wife anything about it until I have the money in hand, then they can deal with it.

The courts, unbelievably, denied the mother’s request. They decided that

“the plea should be filed by the girl herself when she reaches puberty.”

The lawyer representing the girl is appealing to Saudi Arabia’s highest court.

The little girl doesn’t know she’s married thanks to her mother protecting her from this knowledge for now. In court the father insisted that there wasn’t anything wrong with the marriage deal. I guess he’s just trying to hang on to the money. The only good thing I can say about dad is that he verbally agreed that the marriage couldn’t be consummated until the daughter turned eighteen.

When I saw this story in the Daily Mail I couldn’t believe that a man could stoop so low. But, I guess it takes all kinds. I’m a firm believer that what comes around goes around so we’ll see what dear old daddy gets in return.