Denise’s Experience With The Other Side

Sometimes contact with the other side can bring us comfort, give us purpose and help us grow stronger when things aren’t going so great. One of my readers, Denise, had this happen to her. She sent in her experience with the other side to share with others.

Denise’s Experience:

My son has been ghost hunting for many years and to support him, I went on a couple of these investigations and my eyes were opened up to a whole new world….the other side. It was amazing. On a ghost hunt at a jail in Upstate New York – there were coins dropping out of no where.
This piqued my attention and my interest in the other side. One day we decided to go to the cemetery (where my parents are buried)  with my son and put a tape recorder on the headstones. When we returned home we listened to the recording and heard voices – not our voices, but voices I recognized. It was true….everything I thought and believed was true. It was indeed true.
We went out and bought a digital recorder and started doing EVP sessions. I was so touched that the first few times I cried to hear my Mother Rose play the piano to communicate with me and my late four year old step daughter speak for those on the other side answering our questions. Again…my life hasn’t been the same during our families crisis with the spirit world helping us. My husband suffered a heart attack and I was pulled out of work for several health issues. Little money was coming in, yet after these sessions, I was given hope from the other side. Slowly other spirits would speak and they told us that they traveled through my son.
I am being told to ‘write the book , write the book , write the book from my step daughter who likes to be called ” Apple Jacks.” ( that’s a whole other chapter) I feel I am being led on this journey of helping others know that they don’t have to suffer so much when they lose their loved ones because they survive after physical death. They tell us ” there is no death”. My parents crossed over eleven months apart. My life seemed to crumble away. I felt very orphaned. Now our family has been so blessed because we were brought together with our family on the other side. I have such loving gratitude I feel I have to find a way to write my book. Thank you for reading my story….Blessings Be, Denise.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Denise. It’s wonderful to read that your contact with the other side confirmed your beliefs. I wish you the best in getting your book written and published. When you do, let me know so I can buy a copy.