Christina experienced death and discovered the other side

One of my reader’s sent in the following experience. She tells how, at age eleven, how she experienced death and discovered  the other side. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us Christina. This is an amazing experience.

Christina’s Experience:

The year was 1979, and I was eleven years old at the time. I was in the Santa Cruz Mountains, in the state of California at summer camp called “Camp Hammer”, for one week. I was in the pool along with my fellow campers having a grand time splashing around and laughing. I had worked very hard and earned my way by memorizing bible verses thanks to the generous members of our Baptist church. I was in the deep end of the pool, eight feet to be exact.

My cousin was standing on the last step of the ladder and as I swam by he reached out and grabbed the top of my head and a handful of hair to dunk me swiftly underneath the water. I was kicking and trying to fee myself but he had hold of my hair. He was 12. I remember thinking, “I’m going drown if I can’t break free”. I was holding my breath with every ounce of strength I had in my small body while struggling to free myself.

I kept telling myself,  “I’m not going to die. I’m going to free myself.” I was fighting for my life, while my cousin’s grip never let up. Suddenly, involuntarily I took in a deep, long, breath, only it wasn’t air, but water. It was then that the panic, and terror, came to a sudden halt. I became very calm and still. I remember slowly floating down, down, down like a rag doll that someone tossed into the pool, lifeless and motionless.  As I was almost at the bottom of the pool, I began to rise up. In a flash I thought, “Yes! I’m not going to die.” I’m moving up fast towards the top of the water. I could see the outlines of the beautiful redwood trees that outline the pool as I approached the top of the water. I was so excited and relieved. Just as I was about to reach the top of the water my hand hit the concrete below. I remember thinking , “How could I be in motion, moving straight up and nearly out of the pool and at the bottom of the pool at the same time?”

As I came to the top of the pool I continued to go up into the air. The sky was so blue. The clouds were so beautiful. I remember looking down at all the kids in the pool completely unaware that I was at the bottom.  In an instant I was in a beautiful tunnel of white light. I began crying out loud, “Where am I? How did I get here? I want to go home! I want my mother! I want my brother & sister! I wasn’t alone. For there was this soothing, yet loving and calm woman’s voice that said, “Everyone that you love will come through this light. That has how it’s always been done. I began to cry, “I want my mother and father! Where am I?” Then she said to look further up ahead into the light, for the truth is in the light. As I looked forward into the light it was pulsating unconditional love and joy at a magnitude that I haven’t ever experienced here on earth.

The butterflies you feel when you first fall in love… On your wedding day as you look into your husband’s eyes and make your commitments… When you make love… When you look into your newborn baby’s eyes… the love you have for your mother… the love you have for your friends and family… All of this wrapped up into one, doesn’t compare to the love you experience on the other side. And I was saturated with so much love that it engulfed me. I then begged to stay. The only words I heard were….”It’s not your time. You must go back.”

Then in an instant, I heard a man’s voice say, “We’re losing her.” I couldn’t see anything. I could feel air move between my lips and into my body. I was rolled over. I coughed and threw up water. C.P.R. had been going on. For how long? To this day I don’t know. I sat up and felt fine. Tired, but fine for I had just been on a long journey. A day there is like fifty years here on earth. I was told to go into the shower and get dressed. I remember just sitting there alone in the girls locker-room, while the water ran down my body hearing echoes of children who were allowed to resume swimming. I was in shock and trying to process what I just experienced. I began to sob in the shower.  I had just been through a whirlwind of emotions. I had given my heart to Jesus with two other campers and my camp leader hours prior to being drowned at the hands of my cousin who was never punished because I didn’t tell on him. At the same time I was so glad to be back at camp with my friends. I know that we are all here for a reason. We all have certain amounts of time here on earth. Loving each other, giving a lending hand when ever needed, working hard at any job whether it is conducting an interview with new clients or cleaning a toilet. I wasn’t alone like I believed before. For I was a child that was abandoned by my father and my mother’s view of me and my siblings was to be “seen and not heard”. I was a child living in a war zone behind closed doors. Neglected and abused physically by my mother beginning at the age of 4 when my parents divorced and we moved across the country. The experience has been like a blessing in disguise. I trust in God that everything we want to know will be revealed when we pass over and into a another dimension that is as REAL AS THIS ONE. This experience shaped who I am today and helped me through some difficult times and still does. I have the gift of knowing that we do indeed go on from this world and on to the next. And that we are not alone but are loved unconditionally.
Best Regards,

Christina 40, mother of three