Can a human have sex with a ghost

Some people believe that this is entirely possible and they do this on a regular basis. Other’s believe that people who think they can have sex with a ghost are out of their minds and probably need medical help. Let’s look at the possibilities of whether this is possible or just in a person’s imagination.

There are two types of demons who are said to be able to have sexual intercourse with humans. I’ll start with the incubus because it seems that women are more often “raped by ghosts” than men. The incubus is a male entity that lays across a woman, creating a heavy pressure on her body so that she feels that she’s unable to move until he is finished. Sometimes the woman feels this internally as a freezing cold sensation and sometimes she doesn’t feel anything but pressure holding her down. The incubus does this in order to father a child or maybe he’s just out for fun. The woman may or may not see the entity but if she does he always appears to her as a drop dead gorgeous hunk of a man. The dead part should be a clue shouldn’t it?

A succubus is a demon who appears in a man’s dreams as a beautiful woman who uses her feminine wiles to seduce him over and over again. For some reason this happens to monks more than other men. Wonder why? The succubus is said to also steal semen from the men that they’re with in order to give it to incubi so that they can impregnate human females. Wouldn’t that give you a human baby via the supernatural?

If you’re lucky enough to be double teamed by more than one of these entities at a time, then you’ll be fooling around with incubi and succubi.

Many organized religions that believe in the incubus and succubus say that having repeated intercourse with these entities will result in health problems and even death. It’s because they are sucking your energy away from you to sustain themselves – literally. And that leads us to vampires but that’s another story for a different day.

Now here’s the thing – this always happens when a person is sleeping. Is this the stuff of dreams? Of unfulfilled sexual frustrations coming out in the form of ghostly seductions? I mean, if a ghost is going to have sex with you, why not do it when you’re awake and can enjoy it, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Let’s take a look at your everyday ghost. Can a dearly departed spouse come back to enjoy their living spouse or is this just something the succubus and incubus can do? Some people say they can.

If you’d like to read a fun series about succubi and incubi check out Jackie Kessler’s Hell On Earth series: Hell’s Belles, The Road To Hell, and Hotter Than Hell.

So what do you think? Is this real or is it just a person’s mind playing tricks on them. Please keep your comments clean. If you’ve had this experience we don’t need to know all the intimate details. If you disagree, do so without being rude or crude.