Astrology Reports, Horoscopes and Tarotscopes

Are you a fan of astrology and horoscopes? We each have a Sun Sign based on our date, time and place of birth. Do you read your scope monthly, weekly or daily? Have you ever heard of Tarotscopes? Read on to get the 411 on this cool service.

If you search the Internet for horoscopes you’ll get a zillion results. Well, maybe not a zillion but you’ll get 45,200,000 results from Google. With so many sites out there it’s difficult to know which ones are worth reading. 

Here are three sites that I have visited regularly to read current horoscopes or check last month’s horoscope to see how accurate it was.  I don’t check daily (I don’t have time for that) but I do check at the beginning of most months. Here are some that I’ve found to be accurate on a regular basis.

I’ve never tried any of the paid services with any of these sites so I’m not recommend them in this article. But if you’re looking for free astrology reports or horoscopes, try these out and see if they’re accurate for you too. with Susan Miller – This is a monthly free astrology report for all sun signs. I’ve been reading Susan’s site for a few years now and find her predictions for each month to be accurate again and again. You can read your report for free. – Teamed up with, iVillage (a huge website that contains a plethora of information about everything imaginable), offers free daily horoscopes by Kelly Fox that are accurate.

Tarotscopes by Arwen – Arwen regularly does a free monthly “Tarotscope” for all sun signs by drawing a Tarot card and giving predictions for the coming month. She  posts it on her website as an audio file. This is a really cool (and accurate) service because you can listen to her giving the predictions.