April 2009 Tarotscopes by Arwen

Welcome to a monthly feature here at the Paranormal Examiner site, Monthly Tarotscopes with Arwen, President of the American Tarot Association. After discussions with Arwen, she has graciously agreed to present her monthly Tarotscopes here for my readers. I’ve been listening to her Tarotscope podcast for a while now and have found them to be very accurate. So check back here every month to listen to your Tarotscope.

I’ll keep a link to this page in the sidebar lists so you can easily access the monthly Tarotscopes. In the future I’ll also keep the previous forecasts at the bottom of this page so you can refer back to them when the month is over.

This is a wonderful new feature that I’m really excited to present to you. Thank you Arwen for being part of the site.

April Tarotscope:

About Arwen: Arwen began reading the Tarot in 1980 when a friend handed her the Thoth deck. She didn’t really like the Thoth deck then (her opinion has changed since) so moved on to the Herbal Tarot which she still has in her collection of Tarot decks.

Her fascination with this introspective divination system grew as did her bookstore bill. She began to read for friends to see if her readings were correct. What she learned surprised her and her friends as she began to open up on psychic levels as well as intuitive. Her friends began referring their friends to her and Arwen finally began to read for people she didn’t know.

Her online business Tarot By Arwen was launched in 2002. She became the president of the American Tarot Association in 2007. Her interests are very eclectic but her approach to the Tarot is on a Jungian basis.

Arwen sees the Tarot as a tool to help see things that need to be seen. Rather than doing strictly divinatory readings, Arwen attempts to deliver readings that gently guide you to taking charge of your own life and making your own decisions.

She is fond of comparing the Tarot to looking at a road map. “If the map says bridge out ahead, what fool is going to keep driving?” is something her clients know by heart. Self-responsibility is the key to getting the most from a reading with Arwen.

Rather than charge by the minute, Arwen charges by the spread. Each session is left open in terms of time so there is not overriding sense of urgency. Her compassionate readings will help you see things that you need to embrace as well as things you need to work on.

To schedule your reading with Arwen, please email her. Find new tools to deal with old problems through a personal consultation with Arwen.