Appreciate a Dragon Day Jan 16, 2009

Puff, The Magic Dragon
Puff, The Magic Dragon

Did you know that today is “Appreciate a Dragon Day” ? I didn’t either until I saw the great article by Seattle Events Examiner, Maria Christensen.

What is it about the dragon that people love? Is it the mystical presence or the fantasy of intelligent winged creatures from an age long ago? Think back to the first time you discovered dragons. Maybe you read about them in a book, saw them in a movie or head about them through song.

My favorite song about a dragon is “Puff, The Magic Dragon” and I cried the first time I heard it and now, even though I only come across it once in awhile, it still brings me to tears. Maybe it’s stupid but I’m a tenderhearted animal lover, even for imaginary dragons. So, I’m dedicating this “Appreciate a Dragon Day” to my all time favorite magic dragon, Puff!


Peter Paul & Mary singing Puff The Magic Dragon – (Karaoke Song Track)