An EVP to chill your soul

Electronic Voice Phenomena Soundwave
Electronic Voice Phenomena Soundwave

Have you ever listened to an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)? This one will make your skin crawl. Before writing this article I listened to this EVP its entirety and read about the event on the Central New York Ghost Hunters website. I have to say, while this EVP played, my two little dogs freaked out and barked for about ten minutes after it was over. Animals have a intuitive sense when spirit is around so I guess it bothered them.

The investigation that resulted in this EVP was conducted at a hotel located in New York State that was built in the mid-1800’s. There were two female investigators and a family member present during the investigation. The family member had done research on the site and found evidence that many violent acts were committed there. This site yielded many hours of EVP, most of which could be heard by the naked ear, even more than some sites that are considered to be the “Most Haunted”. The EVP was recorded on a Saturday around 3:00 PM. While you listen to it you will hear a male voice and a cuckoo clock, both of which were not there, and what sounds like the microphone being moved when it wasn’t touched. The real sounds that you will hear are the ticking of a hall clock, the creaking and slamming of a door,  and then towards the end you’ll hear the two female investigators and the family member talking. At one point the family member says “Hello, Baby” and it’s followed by a conversation between the three women.

The chilling part is this: near the beginning of the EVP you’ll hear a woman say “Get off me!” and then you hear what sounds like the woman being attacked. There is a struggle that continues for a long time. You can even hear it during the investigators and family member conversation. You’ll also hear a man say “Help Me” several times during their conversation as well.

According to Stacey Jones, the founder of the Central New York Ghost Hunters, women started the recording because they heard ghostly footsteps and a conversation on the floor above them. They sat on the steps while the recording was going on and only after they physically could no longer hear anything, did they start talking softly among themselves. Ms. Jones also states that the EVP has not been altered in any way. It was edited for time and they tried to reduce the noise and amply it a bit to make it easier to hear but it’s still a little difficult to determine exactly what is being said.

After the EVP was released online, there were a lot of people who decided that it was pure fabrication. Ms. Jones insists that it is not. In the beginning she wasn’t sure if this was a true EVP because of its length, its graphic content and severity. She thought that they had picked up a random frequency so she contacted the local cable company and the EVP runs on a much higher mHz than the cable company. Despite the rumors that this EVP is a hoax, Ms. Jones insists that it is not. She invites you to write to her with your feedback, especially if you can make out any further details since they are no longer allowed to enter the hotel to obtain any additional EVP’s. To obtain more details about this EVP and the investigations that Ms. Jones and her team conduct, visit the website at

A word of warning. This EVP is violent and may be too distrubing for some listeners.