About the psychic hall of shame

Nothing boils my blood quicker than fraudulent psychics who rip people off. With the world the way it is, people need help one another. That doesn’t mean you line your pockets by “helping” them when they’re down and out. This week alone I’ve done more free readings than I’ve done paid readings and I think other real psychics should do the same. The frauds will probably disagree with me but then again, we’re on different paths because I don’t think having psychic abilities should be about making a great living with the abilities but should instead be about helping others. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think psychics should charge something because the time and energy they put into their readings has value, but ripping people off – that’s wrong.

Because I’m so sick of seeing this happen over and over again, I’m starting a “Psychic Hall of Shame” for those people who are preying on others while they claim to have “psychic powers” and get arrested for it. I actually hate that term. Having abilities is a gift, not a “power”. This is my opinion. Yes, Examiner does run psychic, new age and paranormal ads on my section but if you notice other Examiner’s columns you’ll see relevent ads for their topics too. My opinion about these fraudulent psychics is completely separate from Examiner.com’s advertising program. I choose to highlight scam artists that are arrested for their behavior as a psychic, that doesn’t mean every psychic out there is a scammer nor does this feature make Examiner.com “hypocritical” because psychics choose to advertise with the company.

I’m doing this for two reasons. The first is to say “Shame on you, fake psychic, for taking advantage of people in need”. The second is to put this information out in one place so that people will find it online and be wary of how a fake psychic conducts themselves. It is my hope that people will stop believing in these liars and frauds by noticing the signs that they aren’t what they seem. If they ask you for large amounts of money, ask to return for more and more readings, give you a sob story about why they need money or promise that they can win back your lover, cast evil spirits from you or any other nonsense like that – then stay away from them and report them to the police.

A fraudulent psychic can scare the bejesus out of you, cause you great pain, make you doubt in yourself, lower your self-esteem, create worry over self and loved ones, cause anguish and grief, create dependency on the psychic and cause financial loss. When dealing with any psychic you should always remember that you are always in control of your life. You have the decision making power and you can attract positive or negative energy to you – it’s your choice. Don’t let fear play a part in your life. Remember that you can only be a victim of these “psychics” if you let yourself be victimized by believing what they say. Ask questions before you pay for a reading. If the psychic refuses to answer, then don’t get a reading with them. A psychic’s “ability” should never interferes with another person’s free will. Protect yourself by knowing the warning signs. Usually it’s the demand for more and more money that are suspect.

Fake psychics will make wild claims that they can fix for a specific amount of money. They can’t accomplish things like:

• bring back a lost love
• make someone new fall in love with you
• drive evil spirits from you
• cleanse your money
• give you the lottery numbers
• cast a spell of any kind to manipulate another person
• destroy a spell that has been cast upon you
• offer psychic surgery
• claim 100% accuracy rating
• say they see hexes around you
• say that you’re “cursed” and they can remove the curse
• any kind of “cleansing”
• bless you
• guaranteed results

During the reading they:

• use scare tactics so that you’re afraid that if you don’t follow their instructions something horrible will happen or even you or a family member will die.
• leave you feeling very frightened and in despair after the reading.
• ask you questions during your reading.
• tell you that you must return for another reading.
• try to be “buddy-buddy” with you to get information from you without your realizing it.
• dwell on negative events.
• predict that you will have bad things happen to you unless you continue to see them to prevent it.
• Make you feel helpless, confused and you don’t know what to do next.
• Ask you for money for “special or blessed” candles or other supplies that you should use in the manner they tell you to use them.
• Tell you that you should see any other psychic but them because talking to another psychic will “interfere” with the work the psychic is doing for you.


• The psychic’s fees are unclear.
• You get a “free” reading and then a charge shows up on your credit card statement.
• You get a “free membership” but are asked for your credit card information when you sign up.


• The psychic works for a questionable organization or 900 line. (most psychics working at places like this are reading from a book).
• The psychic has certifications or diplomas that can’t be verified.
• The psychic can do “everything” in the psychic field.
• Not all psychics have horrible websites – they may have a beautifully designed site and still be a fraud.

Any psychic who is acting like this is ONLY trying to get you to come back for more readings and fund their bank account. Don’t believe anything that they say and stay far away from them. They are liars and cheats and shouldn’t be trusted with your emotions, decisions in your life or your money. A psychic reading should give you information that will help you make your decisions – not make them for you. Any time you seek advice and guidance from another person, whether it’s a psychic or in some other field, some people are ethical in their practices and others are not. If you know what to look for, you can avoid being ripped off by thieves pretending to be something they’re not. So educate yourself, be aware that not everyone in the world is honest and protect yourself and your assets. 

Remember that in any field where you seek advice or guidance from individuals, regardless of what that field is, some are ethical and some are not, but with some awareness and careful consideration, you can avoid the dangers of unethical psychics and find an honest, ethical individual who will give you solid guidance and not try to rip you off.