2012 Conference in San Francisco

Oct. 31 – Nov. 2, 2008
Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA
INFO: (800) 984-0897
OFFICIAL SITE: www.2012conference.org

2 Day Conference on Leadership towards 2012, the coming shift of the ages, bringing together national leading authors and scholars.

Expert Presentations
Think-tank insight Sessions
Maya, Q’uero and Vedic Sacred Ceremonies
Film Premieres and cosmic music

About the conference:
A major conference about the coming Earth Changes expected in 2012 has been scheduled in San Francisco on November 1 and 2 this year.

Rev. Brian Keneipp, Executive Secretary of the Aetherius Society in America, has been chosen to be one of the presenters at this conference.

He will be speaking on the cosmic connection with 2012, especially the importance of The Twelve Blessings in this coming change. The Cosmic Masters have said that the Twelve Blessings were originally planned to be released to Earth in 2010.

Rev. Keneipp will be speaking about healing both days, Saturday and Sunday, from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. He will also be leading a 12 Blessings prayer service at 8 a.m. Sunday morning and gives his 2012 lecture at 4pm that day.

Throughout history, humanity has looked to chronological signposts to help us predict and make order of the universe. Perhaps the greatest signpost of the past millennium is approaching quickly. This signpost, revealed by the ancient Mayan Long Count Calendar is 2012. The 2012 Conference will show that these many ancient traditions are saying that the Great Shift of the ages is at hand. These people of the past predicted that the world that humanity is about to enter will be so different than ours that this coming shift promises to change everything including the way we think and live our lives.

The scholars attending this conference will present the research revealing that a multiplicity of ancient cultures in different lands have all pointed to the time period around 2012 as the year that things will change. Those cultures include the Mayan, the Incan Elders, the Hopi, the Aztecs, and 19th Century Europeans. There is a broader consensus that this particular year, above all others, will be the year of significant change. The presenters at this conference come from a whole spectrum of perspectives. Together they suggest that 2012 heralds a new age of awakening and expanded consciousness. The Mayan Long Count Calendar ends its current cycle in December of 2012.

Instead of wallowing in fear of some dark future the presenters will show that we, the denizens of planet Earth are soon to witness the birth of the grandest era ever experienced by man. In the end the choice will be ours. How can the average person make sense of this Great Shift?

Join with leading Presenters of 2012 Movement:

View individual speakers biographies here.

DR. ALBERTO VILLOLDO – Courageous Dreaming, Healer Shaman Sage

DANIEL PINCHBECK – 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Reality Sandwich

JOHN MAJOR JENKINS – The Mystery of 2012, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012

SHARRON ROSE – 2012 The Odyssey, Timewave 2013

JAY WEIDNER – Secrets of Alchemy, History Channel

SRI RAM KAA and KIRA – 2012 You Have a Choice, 2012: Awakenings

PATRICK GERYL – How to Survive 2012, The Orion Prophecy

JAMES O’DEA – The Mystery of 2012, Institute of NOETIC Sciences

REV. BRIAN KENEIPP – 2012 Blessings, The Aetherius Society

MIKE BARA – NY Times Best Selling Author Dark Mission: Secret History NASA

RICK LEVINE – 2012 The Odyssey

DANNION BRINKLEY – Saved by the Light Trilogy

Cosmic Music by DWIGHT LOOP and more….
Registration now open. Limited capacity at 300.

Presented by Sacred Mysteries Live

Sponsored by:
Harmony Festival,
Reality Sandwich, Ancient Visions, TOSA Center
Common Ground Magazine, Noetic Sciences, Zodiack Communications