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I have left as their National Paranormal Examiner. However, all of the articles that I had listed on their site will now be available right here on my website under the topic heading Paranormal & Metaphysical Articles. You can still get here quickly by using the url .  I will be publishing them all in a few minutes and adding more paranormal and metaphysical articles regularly over time. If you are a subscriber, please ignore the emails you’ll get in the next hour or so as I publish them. There will be several articles included in each email but you’ll get several emails. This is a one time situation and you will not get a lot of email notifications from me in the future. The only time it sends one is when I add a post or page to my website.

Also, if you’d like to be featured on my site as a paranormal or metaphysical expert, just let me know. If you have related news, let me know by emailing me at paranormal @ without the spaces.


Melissa Alvarez