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If you’d like for your link to appear on this page, please copy and paste the text link below to your website linked back to and then contact me with the exact page URL where I can find the link information. Upon verification of my link on your site I’ll add your link. I only participate in direct linking to sites that have a “Links” hyperlink notice on their home page and an easy to navigate listing of reciprocal links. My links page is easy to find on my site so I expect that my link will be easy to find on your site.

After spending hours verifying links only to find that most people had deleted the links back to my site, buried the link so deep it took forever to find it or the site was no longer in existence, for the site owners where I couldn’t find the link I wrote to them for verification before removing their links. I also added the reciprocal links after the listing so that next time I can find them easier. In the future, if the link has been removed after I verify it, I will no longer write to ask why – I’ll just remove it from my site.

Let me just say this up front – if you do not plan to leave my link on your site, or if you’re going to bury my link so deep in your site that it can never be found, or if you want me to participate in a three way link where my link is on some other site than the one I’m linking too – do me a favor and don’t even bother asking me to do a link exchange with you. You’re wasting my time and your own. I do not participate in three way linking and all requests for three way linking are deleted without a response. I preview your site before linking to make sure my link is easily found and to check you out. If you’re participating in practices that I absolutely disagree with then your link will not be added. I check the links regularly to make sure they’re still there. If they aren’t, I delete your link without notifying you. If you write to me “demanding” that I put the link up because you already listed my link or are rude in your request – I won’t link to you. Just take the link you put up for my site down. If you’re rude to me about a link, then you’re not the kind of psychic site I want people to go to from my site.

Strict? Yeah. Don’t like it? Don’t ask for a link. It’s as easy as that. I’m very straightforward and honest in my practices and hope for the same from you.

If you decide you’d like to link with me then here’s what you need to put on your website and then email me the exact URL so I can verify it before placing it on my website. – Accurate Readings starting at $5.00 with Internationally Known Clairvoyant Advisor Melissa Alvarez. Gain Clarity In Your Life.

If you are linked to me and don’t see your link below please contact me with the exact link URL on your site and I’ll add you here.


My link on any other websites does not mean I endorse or claim that site or website owner to be ethical. It means they asked me to participate in a link exchange with them, or linked to my site without my knowledge because they found my content/site informative. I do have several links below that I will recommend. Please see each heading above the links.


The following links are to websites that I recommend because I personally know the owners of these sites and believe them to be ethical in their practices:

Annette’s Psychic Realm Reciprocal Link at

Reflections on Physical Immortality Reciprocal Link at

Professionally Tested Psychics and Tarot Readers (owner is also owner of OPDR)
Ten Mins for $10 – Live Psychic and Tarot Readings. Professionally tested psychics and tarot readers available 24/7. Reciprocal Link at

Veno Astrology – Ancient Indian Astrology – Quality Vedic Astrology Readings Reciprocal Link at

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The following links are websites that requested a link exchange. I do not personally know the owners of these sites, nor do I endorse these companies, I simply agreed to participate in a link exchange with them at their request:

Reciprocal Link at

PsychicOracle Readings by Havenne Psychic, Clairvoyant, Spirit Medium, Relationship/Love Readings, and Tarot Readings, channeling the Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides, and spirits crossed over. 15 years of experience. Accurate, honest, and adept at relaying insight and guidance clearly and quickly. Reciprocal Link at Accurate, Professional Psychic Readings Community of Psychics, Clairvoyants, Empaths, Spiritualists, Mediums, Channels, Energy Healers, and Spiritual Advisors. Psychic Readings, Tarot, Astrology, Mediums and Channels offering Channel Guidance from Angels and Guides and spirits crossed over. Reciprocal Link at 3 free minutes or 10 minutes for $1.99. Our live psychic readers are online and ready to assist you with relationship, finance, and career issues. Reciprocal Link at

Earth Spells by James Reciprocal Link at Psychic, tarot and astrology readings by accurate and sensitive psychic readers. Reciprocal Link at

Psychic Guild – Psychic Reading about life of love, happiness and success. Universal Psychic Guild provides accurate psychic readings and immediate answers to your questions, by the guild’s psychics. Reciprocal Link at

DivineLoveLight Honest psychic readings & genuine spells for love & more. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you. Reciprocal Link at

AvalonMare – Psychic, Spirit and Tarot Card Readings By Phone – Spiritual Guidance – Dream Interpretations – Astrology Reports – Numerology – Crystal Energy Work by AvalonMare. Reciprocal Link at

Ask Adena Empathic psychic offering spirit, angel and tarot readings by phone, e-mail or online. Readings focused on relationships, love, career, healing and life choices. Reiki Healing. Free online psychic readings. Reciprocal Link at

True-Insight – Honest and accurate psychic and tarot readings by e-mail and online. Readings normally completed within 24 hours. UK based psychics with True Insight. Reciprocal Link at

Accurate Psychic Readings by Sky – Psychic Readings through clairvoyance, clairsentience and mediumship. Reciprocal Link at

Horoscope Matching Services – Starstell offer Astrology Birth Charts, Horoscope Predictions, Ganesh Pooja, Gem Stones for Sale. Reciprocal Link at

Your Angel Connection Reciprocal link at

Michelle’s Message – Michelle is a well known Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant known world-wide for her indepth and accurate psychic readings. She is also offers online courses, free sessions on Pal talk, Psychic Parties & Much more! Reciprocal Link at

Stellar Seers Stellar Seers Online Psychic Directory not only offers an easy way to find the best online psychics, but we also strive to provide useful information, to help you on your own path of self discovery. Spiritual Authors, Dream Dictionary, Astrology information, Meditation Tools for development, Tarot Glossary and Positive Affirmations. Reciprocal Link at

Genuine Psychics – Honest Psychic Readings – Genuine, caring psychics offering insightful psychic readings via email and online chat. Reciprocal Link at

Indian Vedic Astrology – free Vedic astrology services India is an online Astrology web site. Service provides Astrology prediction, compatibility chart, report software, Numerology, marriage match from expert Indian astrologer. Reciprocal Link at

Shamanic Healing Journey – Immerse yourself in the world of Huichol Indian Shamanism and find new inspiration and direction for your life. At the heart of Huichol Shamanism is retreat and journey to sacred places of power. Reciprocal Link at

Empathic Amanda – Empathic Amanda – Intuitive Psychic and Tarot Reader. Call Empathic Amanda for a reading that will bring you true clarity. Reciprocal Link at

Wishing Well Psychic – Genuine Psychic and Healer providing readings by email; Tarot, Angel Readings, Egyptian Tarot and Distant Healing Sessions. Reciprocal Link at

Kooma – Visit Kooma for professional Psychics, Tarot Readers and Mediums. Our beautiful website also offers free astrology, original articles and now video diaries! Kooma represents incredible spiritual value and we always place our customers first! Reciprocal Link at

Free Psychic Chat Rooms GuideYour free guide into online psychic readings. Reciprocal Link at and

Dream Journal – Dream Journal is a free service that allows you to create & customize an online dream journal. Track dream trends, compare dreams, search dreams, request interpretations & more. Reciprocal Link at

Elohimanswers – Watchman Aquiya is well known world wide for her beauty and grace in connecting loved ones to spirits and directing them on their true path. Contact her today for a reading of a life time. Reciprocal Link at

Psychic Readings Ireland – Sean Sugrue is a psychic Medium based in Dublin, Ireland. He provides tarot readings and is also a Reiki master and practitioner. Reciprocal Link at

Lady Ann Marie – Lady Annmarie is both clairvoyant and clairaudiant meaning that she can both HEAR and FEEL what others are thinking which can be a great advantage for anyone either starting a relationship…in the midst of one…or near the end of a relationship. Reciprocal Link at

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Lucknet offers free Clairvoyance, Tarot Reading, Physic reading and horoscopes in daily, weekly and monthly manner.
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Lucknet offers free Clairvoyance, Tarot Reading, Physic reading and horoscopes in daily, weekly and monthly manner.

Trans-formers – Helping people transform themselves. It is the place to get a free psychic reading and relationship advice.

Psychic Pathfinder – To assist in the self-empowerment and understanding of the individual to be a navigator of their own life..