What kind of evil lives at the Union Screaming House?

The Uninvited: The True Story of the Union Screaming House
by Steven A. LaChance

From the Publisher:

Its screams still wake me from sleep. I see the faceless man standing in the basement butcher shower washing away the blood from his naked body. He turns, and his eyes sweep across me. The room begins to spin…

What kind of evil lives at the Union Screaming House?

In this true and terrifying firsthand account, Steven LaChance reveals how he and his three children were driven from their Union, Missouri, home by demonic attackers. LaChance chronicles how the house’s relentless supernatural predators infest those around them. He consults paranormal investigators, psychics, and priests, but the demonic attacks—screams, growls, putrid odors, invisible shoves, bites, and other physical violations—only grow worse. The entities clearly demonstrate their wrath and power: killing family pets, sexually assaulting individuals, even causing two people to be institutionalized.The demons’ next target is the current homeowner, Helen. When the entities take possession and urge Helen toward murder and madness, LaChance must engage in a hair-raising battle for her soul.

About the Author:


Steven LaChance (Missouri) is co-host, with Denice Jones, of the popular internet radio show Haunted Survivor. His story was featured on The Discovery Channel’s A Haunting and in the documentary film Children of the Grave. His experiences at the Union screaming house inspired him to form the Missouri Paranormal Research Society.
• Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (September 1, 2008)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0738713570
• ISBN-13: 978-0738713571

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