Practical ghost hunting tips from experienced parapsychologist Melba Goodwyn

Ghost Worlds: A Guide to Poltergeists, Portals, Ecto-Mist, & Spirit Behavior by Melba Goodwyn

From the Publisher:

In this fascinating guide to ghosts and their behavior, psychic clairvoyant and paranormal investigator Melba Goodwyn offers original insights and true stories from over twenty-five years of work in the field. She presents in-depth explanations of different kinds of ghosts, entities, and other paranormal phenomenon, including: traditional spirits, residual ghosts, shadow ghosts, ecto-mist, portals and vortexes, crisis apparitions, bi-location , demons, haunted objects, levitation, ghost lights, spirit guides, thought forms, electronic voice phenomenon (EVP).

Ghost Worlds also offers practical ghost hunting tips. It describes how to conduct a ghost interview, create an environment that attracts spirits, and capture evidence of ghosts using both traditional tools and new technology.

About the Author:

Melba Goodwyn (Texas) is an experienced parapsychologist and shares her psychic impressions on ghost hunts with the Texarkana Paranormal Investigators. Blending clairvoyant wisdom with traditional psychology, she has provided spiritual counseling for over twenty-five years. She uses her knowledge of astrology, numerology, and divination to assist others and enhance their spirituality.

•  Paperback: 264 pages

•  Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (September 1, 2007)

•  Language: English

•  ISBN-10: 0738711950

•  ISBN-13: 978-0738711959

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