Looking for workshop presenters, gain international exposure as an expert in your field

Presenting a Workshop on the Paranormal

I’m always looking for interesting things to do on the site that will fun, educational and enlightening for my readers. The newest feature that I’m starting is Paranormal Examiner Workshops.

Are you an expert in your field? Would you like both national and international exposure as an expert in your field? Then consider presenting a workshop on the paranormal. I am currently taking topic reservations for two and three day workshops in 2010 for this site. If you need more than two or three days to cover your topic we’ll discuss it prior to scheduling you. The longest I’ll schedule is five consecutive days. Here is the schedule for 2009. See below for topics I’d like to schedule in 2010.

Current 2009 Monthly Schedule:

January 6 – 7, 2009 – UFO Workshop with Robert Stanley
February 9 – 13, 2009 – Ghost Lovers Online Haunted Tour with Sally Painter, Romance Examiner
Crystals & Crystal Skulls with Marion Webb-Desisto
TBA  –
Reiki with J.C. Wilder, Asui Reiki Master 
TBA – Tarot with Arwen
Energy Healing with Christina Whited
Law of Attraction with Dyan Garris
TBA – Psychic Development with Mary O’Gara
TBA  –
Pendulums with Rowan West
TBA – Paranormal Investigating with Michael Pierce
TBA – Natal Astrology with Maria Barron, Astrology Examiner
TBA –  Angels with Angelique Armae 

Additional 2009 Quarterly Schedule:

In addition to the monthly workshops listed above, we’ll also have quarterly workshops presented by Patricia Marin, our very own Ghost Hunting Examiner, and her group R.I.P. – Research and Investigation of the Paranormal in Washington D.C.. The schedule is as follows:

Workshop Title: Ghost Hunting – Beginning Through Advanced

TBA – Tools of the Trade
TBA – Science of Ghost Hunting
TBA  – Mediums in Ghost Hunting
TBA  – Demonology and Space Clearing


2010 Schedule: (Exact dates to be set later) If you want to reserve a topic for 2010 send me an email and let me know what you’d like. The 2009 schedule booked out very quickly so I wiill take twelve reservations for 2010.

Tarot with Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Sacred Dialogue with Roger Marsh
Baldwin Method of Reducing or Eliminating Paranormal Activity with Michael Sinclair

Some of the topics still available that I’d like to cover in 2010 are listed below. This isn’t a complete list and I’m open to other topics. I will rebook topics from 2009 with different presenters for 2010.


  • Hollywood Ghosts
  • Bigfoot
  • Unexplained Creatures
  • UFOs
  • Conspiracy Theories

New Age, Psychic, Mind/Body/Spirit

  • Astrology
  • Chakras
  • Manifestation
  • Numerology
  • Past Lives
  • Spirit Guides
  • I Ching


Do you currently conduct a workshop on a topic not listed? If you would like to present it here then send me an email with details about the workshop and how it will benefit my readers. Please don’t post about your workshop in the comments section but write directly to me about it.

Booking workshops:

  • Once a topic is taken I will not book anyone else for that same topic for one year.
  • Topics are booked on a first come, first served basis. 2009 filled quickly so if you want to reserve a topic 2010 let me know immediately. It may not be available later.
  • Once a topic is booked, I’ll put the presenter’s name and the topic of the workshop in the section above so that everyone else will know it’s no longer available.
  • To book yourself for the workshop send me an email with the topic you’d like, the exact dates you can do the workshop (not just the month) and the length of time you need for the presentation (two, three or five days).

 A couple of other things:

  • If I book you, I expect you to show up to answer questions from readers.
  • I also expect you to get all materials to me in a timely manner prior to the workshop and to present a professional, informative, entertaining workshop.
  • You will need to promote the workshop prior to the event so that your fans show up and participate.
  • There is no form of payment to workshop presenters. You will only receive free promotion, national and international exposure for your work, services, groups etc, by being featured as a workshop presenter on the National Paranormal Examiner section of Examiner.com. You’ll be exposed to a lot of potentially new fans.
  • Workshops are a minimum of two days and a maximum of five days, presented Monday through Friday.
  • You’ll need to make yourself available to answer questions on the days you choose.
  • You’ll need one post for each day that you’re presenting the workshop. This post should be a lecture for the day that teaches the reader about your topic. If you’re doing a two day workshop, you’ll send me the two posts in advance and I’ll post one each morning. Then you’ll check the comments section for questions throughout the day. I’ll be participating in the workshop, monitoring the comments and deleting anything that isn’t appropriate for the duration.

Once I’ve had time to go over your email, I’ll reply as quickly as possible. I will take presenters in the order that I receive their emails to be fair.

Thanks for your interest in being featured on or doing a free workshop on my site.