January workshop; exploring the hidden history of UFOs in Washington, D.C.; day two

Robert M. Stanley
Robert M. Stanley

Welcome to day two of our January workshop titled Exploring the Hidden History of Washington, D.C. presented by UFO expert, Robert M. Stanley.  You may like to read a  letter that Mr. Stanley wrote to President Elect Obama regarding UFO secrecy.

If you missed the first day of the workshop you may want to go back and read the Workshop Day One page first. I would like to thank Robert M. Stanley for presenting this workshop. Below you will find his post for today. If you have questions that you would like to ask Mr. Stanley, please put them in the comment section below. You may want to check yesterday’s responses first to make sure you’re not repeating a question that has already been asked and answered. Mr. Stanley is an expert in UFOs so if you’ve ever wanted to ask an expert, now’s the time. I’ll monitor the comments during the day and Mr. Stanley will be stopping by throughout the workshop to answer your questions. Please follow the how to use this site instructions when commenting.


About Robert M. Stanley:

Formerly a corporate journalist for HONDA Research & Development in Torrance, California, Robert M. Stanley is currently the editor and webmaster of UNICUS magazine.com and is the author of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS ON CAPITOL HILL and host of The UNICUS Radio Hour. He has travelled to dozens of countries and has read hundreds of books and thousands of articles during his life-long pursuit of modern and ancient mysteries. Over the past 30 years, Robert’s quest for unique ideas and information has led him to research and write about many controversial topics. His ongoing investigations have been featured on international television and radio, and in print including dozens of other media appearances.

Mr. Stanley is a native of Los Angeles, California. He grew up in Malibu before moving to southern New England where he now lives with his wife, son and dog. He enjoys surfing, motorcycle riding, tennis, photography and composing music.




How can UFOs routinely enter prohibited airspace in D.C., even after 9/11?

According to the eye-witness account, the radar returns and photographic evidence, UFOs are moving in and out of American airspace using highly advanced space-warping technology.


Here is the only known photograph of UFOs warping out over Capitol Hill:

According to the historic record, these UFOs have the ability to defend themselves. And although they will occasionally attempt to intercept, our military is technologically and politically not in a position to prevent UFOs from penetrating the prohibited/restricted airspace surrounding Capitol Hill even with our current level of technology. The situation was much more complicated for our military during the Cold War era.

This fact was demonstrated to the Pentagon in July of 1952, when President Truman issued a “shoot on sight” order. During an attempted intercept over the Capitol, one of our U.S. jets was disintegrated by a UFO. Unfortunately, it was not the first time that this had occurred. The complete details of the secret sky wars that the U.S. military engaged in with UFOs in the early to mid 1950s is found in the book Shoot Them Down by Frank Feschino Jr.

Here is an in-depth interview with Mr. Feschino on my radio show:




If this is really going on, why isn’t anyone reporting this story on radio or television?

Most of the major media outlets were informed about the events that occurred at the Capitol in 1952, 2002 which were documented on film. However, there is currently a news embargo on the subject of UFOs being sighted and photographed over D.C.

Granted, in 2002, FOX News did briefly report that UFOs were chased over the Capitol. At the time, FOX did not know that UFOs had been photographed 10 days earlier landing on the Capitol. But when the producers at FOX were presented with the photographic facts, they chose not to report the really big story.

Until recently, I was the only one reporting this rather sensitive story on a regular basis. My investigation has been reported internationally and regionally in print and discussed often on various radio talk shows. However, in the past few years, cable television producers from Discovery and SciFi have sent film crews to the Capitol on two separate occasions. So far, no one knows if or when any of that footage will air.

Here is a preview of one of the D.C. UFO documentary segments:


What makes you think the images are authentic?

After discussing some of the initial findings of my investigation with Derrel Sims, he insisted that I have the negatives analyzed by an independent film lab technician. After some respectful negotiations with the photographer Mr. Allen, he agreed to take his film in for analysis with a professional lab in D.C.

The lab technician confirmed to me over the phone that the negatives were authentic and had not been altered in any way. However, he could not account for the tremendous amount of energy that was required to generate that much light. He really did not know what these images showed and clearly did not want his name associated with the analysis of UFOs.

As for the July 1952 movie footage, which is included below, many people jumped to the conclusion that it has to be a fake because it first appeared publicly in 2005. The footage is still classified and was leaked by Channel 4 in England. Channel 4, which is a partner of A&E and the History Channel, admits that it visited many photographic archives around the world in the making of a documentary called “UFOs: The Secret Evidence.”


Soon after seeing the 1952 movie footage on TV, I called the host of the show at his home in England. Coincidentally, I had interviewed him before and had his contact information. We spoke briefly as I tried to get some answers, but he really was no help.

At first he told me that he didn’t know which archive the movie came from. Later, he told me that it was just computer generated imagery like everything else in the documentary he narrated. I accepted his explanation at first, but after acquiring a copy of the D.C. UFO movie and watching it many times very closely, I began to wonder.

I sent a copy of the movie to the D.C. photographer Mr. Allen and we both did a very careful, frame-by-frame analysis of this footage and found it flickered as the frames ran through the movie projector; was yellowed with age; had mold and scratches and most importantly the light coming from the UFOs actually bends slightly around the Capitol dome as they pass behind it.

So where did this movie footage come from? I am certain that the Channel 4 production team visited an archive to view the classified footage in question. At that time, they used a portable, digital camcorder to make a copy of the analog film which was first aired in October of 2005, in the UK. It was later televised in the US. In my opinion, the information was deliberately leaked.

It is important to note that 10 years earlier, in 1995, Walt Disney Studios aired a UFO documentary to select cities in the US. That TV special contained a few seconds of classified, historic UFO movie footage taken in D.C. After learning about this, I contacted Disney’s library in Burbank, California and was told they do have a copy of the documentary, but that I could not have access to the few seconds of D.C. UFO footage because they do not own the rights to it.

When I asked the legal department about this, they claimed they did not know who gave them limited rights to air that historic footage. After some investigation, I found that CIA photographic analyst Arthur Lundahl had been a friend of Mr. Disney. Apparently, the CIA had asked Walt Disney to produce documentaries about UFOs for the government so that the public would not be disturbed by the leaked information because Disney had a warm and fuzzy reputation. Unfortunately, those documentaries were shelved except for one.


Is there any other physical evidence of UFOs over D.C.?

Yes, radar operators in the D.C. area in 1952 independently tracked UFOs maneuvering for many hours around the Capitol. Their radars tracked the UFOs in the same position that eye-witnesses on the ground and pilots in the air reported seeing them. Retired Naval Commander Alvin E. Moore reported that a UFO was fired on by the US military in 1952 and that a piece fell from the alien craft to the ground in rural Virginia and was recovered and analyzed.

In his diary, Commander Moore also reported that when some UFOs enter the water they leave a green layer of something toxic on the surface. This is exactly what happened at the Capitol Reflecting Pool. On July 16, 2002, Mr. Allen photographed UFOs in the air, but also captured images of small UFOs entering the water at the Capitol.

It took years before the situation regarding the water in the Reflecting Pool was finally dealt with and that was due to so many ducks dying that tourists were noticing something was wrong. There were also burned areas on the nearby lawn where the UFOs were sighted.

Nothing would grow there and that area was eventually fenced off. Here is an article regarding the toxic water at the Capitol.

By Clarence Williams and Martin Weil

Washington Post Staff Writers

July 13, 2008

Authorities searched near the Capitol into the early hours of yesterday morning for possible hazardous materials after more than a dozen ducks were found dead in the Capitol Reflecting Pool.

D.C. police and fire department personnel and federal officers tested for chemical, biological and radiological agents after 24 dead ducks were spotted in the pool, D.C. Assistant Police Chief Patrick Burke said. The tests were precautionary because of the proximity to the Capitol, Burke said.

There was no indication of what caused the deaths. The pool is at the east end of the Mall, at the edge of the Capitol lawn.

“It’s a mystery,” D.C. Fire and Emergency Services Department spokesman Alan Etter said. He noted that whatever caused the deaths might have been encountered “at another location.”

Etter said authorities remained at the scene until about 4:30 a.m. yesterday.

Burke said that the ducks have been sent for testing and that authorities are awaiting the results.

The official results of the tests stated that the ducks probably died of avian botulism. However, eye-witness reported that there were EPA technicians at the site wearing Hazmat suits. Ultimately, the pool was drained, cleaned and re-filled. Time will tell if the resolved the problem or not.


What is the military doing to address the situation at the Capitol?

Officially they are doing nothing. Unofficially, there are ongoing efforts by military intelligence agencies to track UFOs and their occupants. Although I am a civilian, in my book “Close Encounters on Capitol Hill,” I interviewed a retired Army officer; a retired Air Force officer; a retired CIA officer and a retired Naval Intelligence officer. They were able to help me better understand the complicated situation the U.S. military is facing.

A special joint, inter-agency task force was created after 9/11 specifically to help control the airspace of Washington, D.C. However, in published minutes of their own meetings, they report that thousands of violations of prohibited and restricted airspace have occurred over D.C. since 9/11. Clearly, all these events did not involve single engine planes sightseeing over the Capitol. In fact, the White House and the Capitol were evacuated on 2 occasions because of these violations of controlled airspace. Officially, nothing was found. The events were dismissed as just high wind or birds…?

Here is a link to the new, joint federal agency guarding the airspace over D.C.


Does the President know about this and if so what is he doing?

Most U.S. Presidents do not have a need to know and are kept out of the loop to maintain plausible deniability on this issue. However, President G.H.W. Bush probably knows more than any other president about UFOs due to his time served as the Director of the CIA. President Carter had seen a UFO while he was Governor, and did initiate a scientific study of the subject through Congress, but that report was never made public.

President Reagan also had a UFO sighting and firmly believed we were being visited. There are those who believe SDI (Space Defense Initiative) was built to defend ourselves from hostile aliens. I do find it rather odd that President Reagan offered to share SDI with the Soviets.


How long has this been going on, and why should anyone care about it?

It appears that UFOs and their alien occupants have been “watching” and covertly interacting with mankind throughout our history. However, our perception of them has changed as our level of technology has increased.

We should care about this because we are related to these beings, some of which are human. It is in our best interest to engage them in an open, diplomatic dialogue. Until that time, we can only speculate on their agendas and our place in the bigger picture.


Are UFOs and their occupants dangerous?

As I report in my book, the propulsion system on UFOs is electromagnetic and scientific studies show that this energy does register on Geiger counters. People, plants, soil, cars, jets, etc. have reportedly been adversely affected by the electromagnetic energy from UFOs.

Clearly, some of the aliens visiting this planet are dangerous. Although we know that some humans have been abducted by aliens and returned, there are thousands of people around the world that disappear every year and are never found. It is my understanding that they have been removed from Earth and used to colonize other worlds.


What can the average person do about this?

Document any UFO activity and report it publically. Although there are some hoax’s going on, the internet is still the best, uncensored forum for sharing this information. If you or someone you know is going to D.C., ask them to keep an eye on the sky and bring a camera and use it if possible. And please report any photographs or eye-witness accounts to me so that I can add them to my public database. My e-mail is: editor@unicusmagazine.com

If you are brave, you can attempt make contact with an ET and see what they have to say. This is not as outrageous as it may sound. I know from experience that this can happen when one puts their mind to it. In fact, in my book I interview a man who claims that he was brought to earth as a child. His story is both fascinating and frightening in its implications.

I hope that you found this workshop interesting and instructive. Thank you for participating.


Robert M. Stanley