February 2009 workshop Day Two; ghost lovers online haunted tour

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, our February workshop is running all week. It is titled Ghost Lovers Online Haunted Tour and is presented by Sally Painter, paranormal expert and our very own National Romance Examiner. She’s an excellent presenter for a Valentine’s workshop about the paranormal.

I would like to thank Sally Painter for presenting this workshop. Below you will find a blurb about what she’ll cover, her bio and post for today. There will be another workshop page posted in the morning and then I’ll link the two together. If you have questions that you would like to ask Ms. Painter, please put them in the comment section below. I’ll monitor the comments during the day and Ms. Painter will be stopping by throughout the workshop to answer your questions. Please follow the how to use this site instructions when commenting.

Ghost Lovers Online Haunted Tour – Day Two – Looking for love

Many ghost sightings are associated with stories of tragic endings for lovers. Often the spirit of one of the lovers remains trapped at the site where the tragedy occurred, moving about in search of her or his lost love. There are numerous tales of ghosts looking for lovers from the past.

Firefly of Lake Drummond Dismal Swamp, Virginia
A man and woman were married but soon after the woman became quite ill and eventually died. Her resting place was a cemetery that bordered the Dismal Swamp. The newly-wed husband was unable to accept her death and grief drove him mad. He began to tell everyone that his wife was alive and that her family had kidnapped her and were hiding her in the swamp. 

Despite all attempts to reason with him, the distraught man ran into the swamps and was not seen for days. The story claims that his insanity drove him so far as to believe his wife had somehow transformed into a firefly or was in the lake waiting for him where a firefly was flying over what was then known as Drummond’s Pond (modernly known as Lake Drummond, which is located in the middle of the swamp). 

In his frenzy to reach his wife, the man lashed cypress branches together to form a raft and paddled across the lake. Unfortunately, his makeshift raft capsized and he drowned.

Witnesses claim to have seen the ghostly images of a man and woman paddling across the lake on a rough raft. 

*Lake Drummond is partly in Virginia and partly in North Carolina


Lady in White Charleston, South Carolina
It’s said that if you visit the Unitarian Church graveyard in Charleston, SC sometime between late afternoon and early evening you just might see the Lady in White. She haunts the cemetery dressed in a period style white dress as she wanders about the tombstones in search of her husband. The poor lady never knew of her husband’s fate or the fact he was interred in a Boston cemetery. It seems the husband and wife both died within a few days of each other – She in Charleston and he while sailing from Charleston to Boston, Massachusetts. He never learned of his wife’s death before he died and she never knew of his death before her own. It’s said that his spirit roams about the Boston cemetery in search of his wife. These two restless spirits are destined to search for each other in the wrong graveyards until the man’s corpse is finally taken back to Charleston.


Double-Eagle’s Teenage GhostsMesilla, New Mexico
This story has been told and retold for many years since The Double Eagle Restaurant and Peppers Café was once the home of a very wealthy family, the Maes. Senora Maes held a tight rein on her family, especially her oldest son, Armando, for whom she had decided would marry into an aristocratic Mexican family. So when Armando fell in love with one of the servants, his mother was outraged and sent the girl away, forbidding her son to see the young woman ever again. Of course, this only made Armando want his beloved, Inez, even more. The two teenagers continued to meet secretly with the help of the servants and townspeople until one day his mother walked in on the couple in Armando’s bed. It’s said his mother went insane at the sight of her son’s betrayal to his family duty and grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed Inez. Desperate to shield his beloved, Armando jumped in front of Inez and his mother accidentally stabbed him. Both teenagers died.

Today, the Carlotta Salon is located in what was Armando’s bedroom and the staff claim the remnants of the couple’s mischievous pranks can be seen in the mornings when they find furniture rearranged and overturned, goblets broken, and some have heard their names called out when no one was there. There’s a pair of velvet chairs recently recovered that clearly show wear and a distinct body imprint worn into the fabric. 


Martha Washington InnAbingdon, Virginia (Built 1832)
The original home was turned into a College part of which was used as a hospital during the Civil War and in one room it’s said that every rug or carpet placed on the floor becomes stained with the soldiers’ blood.

A young student named Beth helped care for a wounded soldier, John Stoves in room 403. One night while Beth was playing the violin for him, John died. So forlorn and grieving over her lost love, Beth died a few weeks later. Many believe Beth was the victim of typhoid fever while others claim she died from a broken heart.

Many guests and staff of the inn have reported seeing a young woman moving in and out of the room, sitting beside the bed, and hearing violin music. In fact, Beth’s appearance was so common place that at one time the inn charged extra to stay in room 403.

The Ghost BrideNewberry, South Carolina 
(You’ll need to scroll down to the Ghost Bride gravesite photo)

The ghost bride is said to have died just before her wedding and was buried in her wedding gown. Witnesses have reported seeing her in trees overlooking the cemetery, standing in front of her grave, sitting on the half-fallen brick wall and roaming through the surrounding area of the graveyard and nearby fields. Many claim they have heard her wailing and crying. It’s believed she is searching for her groom or waiting for him to take her to their wedding ceremony.

The Blue Lady San Mateo Coastside area in California
This is a famous ghost haunting and has been featured on such shows as Unsolved Mysteries.

In the late 1930s, a married woman who always dressed in blue whenever she frequented the restaurant (now a distillery) was having an extramarital affair with a mysterious lover rumored to be the piano player. One night she had a horrible car wreck and died. It’s said that her restless spirit haunts the Moss Beach Distillery as she searches for her lover.

There is an abundance of mysterious happenings blamed on the Blue Lady such as lost items disappearing from the women diners only to be piled up on a counter or a table some time later. Many have claimed to see an apparition of a woman dressed in blue.