February 2009 workshop Day Three; ghost lovers online haunted tour

Welcome to day three of the workshop. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, our February workshop is running all week. It is titled Ghost Lovers Online Haunted Tour and is presented by Sally Painter, paranormal expert and our very own National Romance Examiner. She’s an excellent presenter for a Valentine’s workshop about the paranormal.

If you missed the first day of the workshop you may want to go back and read the previous days posts located at the Day One and  Day Two pages.

I would like to thank Sally Painter for presenting this workshop. Below you will find a blurb about what she’ll cover, her bio and post for today. There will be another workshop page posted in the morning and then I’ll link the two together. If you have questions that you would like to ask Ms. Painter, please put them in the comment section below. I’ll monitor the comments during the day and Ms. Painter will be stopping by throughout the workshop to answer your questions. Please follow the how to use this site instructions when commenting.

Ghost Lovers Online Haunted Tour – Day Three – The Ghosts of Hollywood

There are numerous stories surrounding the ghosts of Hollywood that only adds to the mystique of celebrities. Not only are movie stars among the ghosts, but some movie stars who live in those haunted homes have witnessed these apparitions.
Knickerbocker Hotel, Hollywood, California
A hotbed of activity for the living and the dead. Lights have been known to turn on and off while objects levitate or move by themselves to different areas with no logical explanation how they suddenly moved.
The building was constructed in the last 1920s just in time to be a hangout for silent film stars, like Rudolph Valentino. He was a long time patron of the hotel’s Renaissance Revival Bar. His ghost still likes to visit the bar which is now a coffee shop.
Some of the Hotel’s Ghostly Guests:
William Frawley, aka Fred Mertz from I Love Lucy died in the lobby.
Irene Gibbons, a costume designer whose company was Irene, Inc., died a horrible death. There are many variations of how and why she killed herself. One version states she first attempted suicide by slicing open her wrists, but grew impatient with the process of a slow death and thought she could end it with a jump from her fourteenth floor window only to land on the awning (shown in URL link) awning and die slowly. Her body was discovered fairly quickly as one of the guests heard a loud noise and reported it to the hotel staff.
Houdini was a patron of the hotel and on the first anniversary of his death as promised, his wife held a séance in an attempt to contact him on the other side. The séance was a failure as were the next nine, each held on the anniversary of his death. After the tenth attempt failed, which had been held on the hotel roof, the group began to leave when a violent thunderstorm crashed overhead and all around them. It was a powerful storm that scared everyone in attendance. Afterwards, it was told that the thunderstorm had been centered directly over the hotel and nowhere else. Had they finally made contact with Houdini?
The ghosts of Valentino and Marilyn Monroe seem to make frequent appearances in the hotel. Houdini still hasn’t shown up.
Marilyn’s ghost is also said to haunt another very famous playground of Hollywood stars, the Roosevelt Hotel. Her ghost has been seen in the full length mirror that was once in her suite, #1200.
Other Hollywood Hauntings:
Elke Sommers sold her home after having multiple encounters with ghosts. The spirits were very brave and even revealed themselves to her friends and guests. No one seems to be able to live in the house for very long. It has been sold numerous times; some reports claim the house has been sold over 17 times. All of the home owners have told of frightening experiences with several ghosts that haunt the house. 
Interview with Elke Sommers about her haunted house:
Lucille Ball’s spirit is blamed for opening windows, rearranging furniture and making strange sounds in the attic.
Clark Gable’s wife, Carole Lombard haunts the Oatman hotel where the couple honeymooned in Oatman, Arizona.
Harry Houdini’s ghost was finally found roaming the burned ruins of his home on Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Hollywood Hills.
Ozzie Nelson (Ozzie and Harriet TV Show) moves through his former home turning on lights and opening doors. His footfalls can be heard late at night.
Superman, George Reeves, haunts his Benedict Canyon Drive home in Beverly Hills.
The ghost of Thomas Ince, who was in the center of one of Hollywood’s biggest scandals, haunts the lot where he shot Gone with the Wind.
The Gossip Scoop: 
One of the most disturbing tales of Hollywood ghosts is the ghost of Joan Crawford and the disturbing reports of demonic activity. Years before her death, there were many who claimed Joan was possessed. In fact, her home has had several exorcisms performed but none have worked.
Sweet Lady Jane’s Restaurant in Los Angeles is the host to the spirit of Orson Welles. He’s been sighted by staff and customers donned in his famous cape while sitting at a table.
Bette Davis’s ghost is said to wail and scream in her former home.
Haunted Hollywood:
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Tragic endings often leave an imprint behind and yet, some souls just can’t let go of their former lives.



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The legend states that William Randolph Hearst flew into a jealous rage and was actually trying to shoot Charlie Chaplin, but somehow ended up killing Ince instead. Many people have seen Ince’s spirit moving through the studio and even passing through the walls.