February 2009 workshop Day One; ghost lovers online haunted tour

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, our February workshop begins today and runs through Friday February 13, 2009. It is titled Ghost Lovers Online Haunted Tour and is presented by Sally Painter, paranormal expert and our very own National Romance Examiner. She’s an excellent presenter for a Valentine’s workshop about the paranormal.

I would like to thank Sally Painter for presenting this workshop. Below you will find a blurb about what she’ll cover, her bio and  post for today. There will be another workshop page posted in the morning and then I’ll link the two together. If you have questions that you would like to ask Ms. Painter, please put them in the comment section below. I’ll monitor the comments during the day and Ms. Painter will be stopping by throughout the workshop to answer your questions. Please follow the how to use this site instructions when commenting.

About the workshop: Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Take an online haunted tour. Diehard romantic, Sally Painter, combines her love for romance and her life dealing with the paranormal in a unique online experience. Learn the real stories behind some of the most romantic hauntings in history. Visit sites dedicated to these star-crossed lovers whose restless spirits wander the earth in search of each other.

About Sally: Sally Painter has been involved with the paranormal since standing in her crib. Asked to participate in a three-year paranormal project, she gained much insight into the other world and brings those experiences into her paranormal Romantica™ books.

Sally hosted online paranormal workshops for three years and conducted many online tours, a former paranormal radio talk show host, she’s turned attention to one of her favorite passions, writing. Not only does she write sexy romance novels, but she also is the national romance examiner and a freelance writer for lovetoknow.com and various publications. Her websites are located at http://sallypainter.com and http://sallysmidnightnews.blogspot.com.

Ghost Lovers Online Haunted Tour with Sally Painter – Day One

Valentine’s Day week is a great time to explore many of the ghost lovers whose stories have been told and retold. Centuries of such other worldly visitations by these unfortunate lovers keep the essence of their love alive.

The idea that love lives beyond the physical body inspires and comforts. Perhaps Sam from the movie, Ghost, was right – the love we feel in this world carries over into the afterlife. You may wonder how love can be so powerful that it can survive death or if this is proof positive that we have souls.

Lovers have reached beyond the grave to warn their loved one of danger and in some cases save his or her life. And in this mix of ghostly love, there are stories of the tragic endings of star-crossed lovers.

Lover’s Leap

Almost every region in the US has a local lover’s leap where star-crossed lovers leapt to their deaths instead of being separated. Click on the red headings to tour each of these locations.

Lover’s Leap Blowing Rock, North Carolina
This story has a happy ending unlike most lover’s leap stories.
Two young lovers from rival tribes, Catawba and Cherokee, were at The Rock when the sun began to set. The young man became so distraught over having to leave his beloved and return to his tribe that he leaped from the ledge plummeting toward the John’s River Gorge below. His beloved cried out to the Great Spirit to bring her lover back to her and the powerful winds lifted him back to her.

The legend of Blowing Rock is told to children who often test the power of the wind, by tossing a tissue over the side to see if the mighty wind will carry it back to the owner – or so the legend continues.

Lover’s Leap is such a popular theme that Mark Twain claimed there were over 50 such locations up and down the Mississippi River.

Lover’s LeapHannibal, Missouri
This is the famous location Mark Twain used for his book, Tom Sawyer. Yet another legend is about a Native American maiden whose lover was taken from her so she leaped from the rocks to her death along bank of the Mississippi River.

Lover’s Leap Bridge Independence, Virginia
A Romeo and Juliet story of feuding families. The young man and woman jumped off the bridge crying out to each other, “I love you”. Witnesses claim to see the two ghostly figures of the young woman and man holding hands as they stand on the bridge, preparing to jump. Some have claimed to hear the whispering, “I love you” floating through the air around them.

Lover’s Leap RoadCorbin, Kentucky
In the 1950s, a couple on their honeymoon to Cumberland Falls State Park hiked to the falls before going to their room at the lodge. They found an overlook above the falls and decided to take a photo, but the bride lost her footing and fell over the eighty foot cliff. The place was soon being called Lover’s Leap and it extended to the road after several reports of cars running into a woman dressed in a wedding dress only to discover whenever they screeched to a stop the woman had disappeared.

Lover’s Leap – Waco, Texas
Another story of star-crossed lovers whose parents forbade their union because their tribes were enemies.

Ancient Greece
Hero was one of Aphrodite’s priestesses and lived in the tower known as Sestos. The tower was located on the edge of a strait, Hellespont. Hero fell in love with Leander, who lived on the other side of the strait. Every night Leander would swim the width of the strait guided by Hero’s lamplight shining from the tower. The two lovers did this for several months during the summer until one night a storm blew across the strait, extinguished the lamp and Leander drowned. So distraught with grief, Hero jumped from her tower to join her lover in death.