February 2009 workshop Day Four; ghost lovers online haunted tour

Welcome to day four of the workshop. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, our February workshop is running all week. It is titled Ghost Lovers Online Haunted Tour and is presented by Sally Painter, paranormal expert and our very own National Romance Examiner. She’s an excellent presenter for a Valentine’s workshop about the paranormal.

If you missed the first day of the workshop you may want to go back and read the previous days posts located at the Day One , Day Two and Day Three pages.

I would like to thank Sally Painter for presenting this workshop. Below you will find a blurb about what she’ll cover, her bio and post for today. There will be another workshop page posted in the morning and then I’ll link the two together. If you have questions that you would like to ask Ms. Painter, please put them in the comment section below. I’ll monitor the comments during the day and Ms. Painter will be stopping by throughout the workshop to answer your questions. Please follow the how to use this site instructions when commenting.

Ghost Lovers Online Haunted Tour – Day Four

Ghost Tours and Haunted Vacations
Almost every town has a few ghost stories and larger cities capitalize on their hauntings by offering ghost tours. If you’ve never been on a ghost tour, you will be surprised to find there’s a wide variety of types.
A few you might want to try:
  • Walking ghost tours
  • Carriage ride ghost tours
  • Trolley ride ghost tours
  • Halloween ghost tours
  • Cemetery ghost tours
  • Battlefield ghost tours
  • Historic buildings ghost tours
What you can expect when you go on a ghost tour
You can find local ghost tours through the chamber or the tourist board. Most ghost tours last a couple of hours and your tour guide will be very knowledgeable about the city’s history and the ghosts haunting it. Your tour guide should also be entertaining and see that you have a great tour. Many times the ghosts cooperate and provide some of their own entertainment.
Ghost Tours
Time and space limits mean only a few of the thousands of tours could be listed here. Not all 50 states are included below, but there is a directory at the end to assist you in finding haunted places and tours in the United States
A Few States Listed
Discovery Haunted Key West                 
St. Augustine Ghost Tours                      
Haunted Napersville                                
New Orleans Ghost Tour       
Haunted Vegas Tours            
North Carolina
Beaufort Ghost Walk           
Haunted Wilmington             
Asheville Ghost Tour             
Ghost Walk Wilmington        
South Carolina
Ghost and Graveyard Tour                      
Nashville Ghost Tours           
Washington, DC
West Virginia
Haunted Vacations
One of the biggest growing trends in vacations is the haunted vacation. If ghosts and the paranormal are your passion, then this is the kind of vacation you’ll thoroughly enjoy. You can plan out the haunts you wish to visit so you’ll know exactly what local spots you wish to see. You might luck out and connect with the owner and get permission to conduct your own ghostly investigation.
Many hotels, rental houses and bed and breakfasts advertise as being haunted and can also serve as a great resource for out-of-the-way and hard-to-find local haunted areas. Some travel agents specialize in this kind of vacation package. Check with your local agent or online travel service.
To get you started:
Stanley Hotel Tour
This video is a partial glimpse of a typical ghost tour of the famous Stanley Hotel.