February 2009 workshop Day Five; ghost lovers online haunted tour

Sally Painter
Sally Painter

Welcome to day five, the final post for the workshop. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, our February workshop is running all week. It is titled Ghost Lovers Online Haunted Tour and is presented by Sally Painter, paranormal expert and our very own National Romance Examiner. She’s an excellent presenter for a Valentine’s workshop about the paranormal.

If you missed the first day of the workshop you may want to go back and read the previous days posts located at the Day One , Day Two, Day Three and Day Four pages.

I would like to thank Sally Painter for presenting this workshop. Below you will find a blurb about what she’s covered, her bio and post for today. If you have questions that you would like to ask Ms. Painter, please put them in the comment section below. I’ll monitor the comments during the day and Ms. Painter will be stopping by throughout the workshop to answer your questions. Please follow the how to use this site instructions when commenting. It’s been a fun week, Sally!


Ghost Lovers Online Haunted Tour – Day Five

 Famous People Who Have Seen Ghosts
Many famous people throughout history have had ghostly encounters and were brave enough to talk about it.
Betsy Ross is often seen in her home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her gravesite is on the property. Witnesses claim to hear her crying or see her sitting at the foot of her bed.
Dylan Thomas, the famous Welsh poet is often seen at White Horse Tavern in NYC, the place where he died after downing 18 shots of scotch.
Confederate General, Robert E. Lee’s spirit doesn’t haunt in the usual manner. Perhaps the General found solace in his childhood and chooses to appear in his former home in Alexandria, Virginia as a child. He’s rumored to be quite the mischievous child ghost and plays pranks on those nearby. Some of his antics include:
  • Ringing the doorbell
  • Giggling and running through the house with his two sisters
  • Moving furniture and objects
Perhaps this is a case of residual energy having left an imprint or maybe the general enjoys the uninhibited cares of a four year old.
Famous people seeing other famous people’s ghosts:
Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of President Abraham Lincoln, was known for the séances she held at the White House as well as her precognitive dreams. She was also one of the first people to admit to being witness to the former President Andrew Jackson’s ghost in the Rose Room. She claimed to see Jackson moving about the room in an angry tirade cussing and swearing up a storm.
Speaking of Abraham Lincoln, his ghost is probably the one seen the most often in the White House. He tends to get around because he also haunts several places in Springfield, Illinois his former hometown.
White House staffers and tourist have witnessed the tall figure of the dead president moving about especially standing in the window overlooking the Potomac River like he did during his presidency.
President Theodore Roosevelt reported seeing Lincoln on several occasions as did President Coolidge’s wife, Grace. It’s said that the queen of the Netherlands, Queen Wilhelmina answered a knock on the door of the Rose Room in the White House where she was staying and fainted. Once revived she claimed that when she opened the door, Abraham Lincoln was standing outside her room.
Other ghostly reports of the White House include voices crying and whispering. The sound of footfalls moving throughout the large mansion has also frightened many workers and tourists.
Thomas Jefferson’s ghost has been seen in the Oval Office were he often played his violin. Many witnesses have heard violin music coming from the room.
Actor, Peter Sellers was said to have a traveling companion, the ghost of the deceased comic, Dan Leno. He claimed that Leno was his mentor.
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