Experience true life ghost encounters with Jeff Belanger

Our Haunted Lives: True Life Ghost Encounters
by Jeff Belanger

From the Publisher
Ghost encounters are happening everyday to people everywhere, and the
events prove that we are not alone.

When people encounter what they perceive to be a ghost or spirit, their lives are forever changed. The ultimate question—Is there life after death?—has just been answered for them. Ghosts cross every culture and continent, and the belief in their existence is on the rise. Our Haunted Lives features the stories of dozens of people who have witnessed the supernatural firsthand in their homes, at work, and in numerous other locations.

Our Haunted Lives explores the profound nature of ghosts and spirits. Through personal interviews, the author captures the many different facets of the experience—the touching, where people come in contact with a loved one who’s passed on; the funny, where pranks are played or peculiar disembodied sounds are heard; and the frightening, where people still feel shaken by what they saw, heard, and felt.

Ghosts are unbiased—they appear to people from all walks of life, ages, cultures, and religious backgrounds. Our Haunted Lives features accounts from famous hauntings, such as an extensive interview with George Lutz—the man whose experiences with the paranormal in Amityville, Long Island launched debates, books, and movies. You’ll hear from police officers who were the first on the scene after a homeowner reported a break-in, only to find the disturbance wasn’t caused by someone living. Doctors who had a brush with the supernatural after losing a patient on the operating table will speak about the very emotional and profound events they witnessed.

No, we are not alone.

About the Author
Jeff Belanger leads a very haunted life. He’s been fascinated with the supernatural since age 10 when he investigated his first haunted house during a sleepover. In 1999 he launched Ghostvillage.com as a repository for his writings on the subject of the supernatural. The site has since grown to become the largest paranormal community on the Web, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. Belanger is the author of The World’s Most Haunted Places, Communicating With the Dead, and Encyclopedia of Haunted Places (all New Page Books). Jeff is a regular guest on many regional and national radio programs, lectures across the United States on ghosts and the supernatural, and has been featured on television programs about the paranormal. He currently haunts Bellingham, Massachusetts, with his wife, Megan.

• Paperback: 221 pages
• Publisher: New Page Books; 1 edition (July 11, 2006)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 1564148564
• ISBN-13: 978-1564148568

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