A self empowerment guide for women

TICKET TO FREEDOM: A Self Empowerment Guide For Women
by Nancy Wylde

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From the Publisher:
“Woman’s self-empowerment is not about manipulating, controlling or dominating the lives of those around you. Rather, it is about how to direct and master your own life. This power already lies deep within you. Once you learn to attune to this inner power, you can draw on it to get what you really want out of life without a great deal of struggle. Whoever you are, whatever your circumstances at this moment, regardless of your color, culture or religion, you can start building your courage now-so that you can move toward what you really want out of life. The power to create what you want to realize in your life is in the palm of YOUR hands. And this is your TICKET TO FREEDOM”

About the Author:
Born in Australia, Nancy Wylde is a present day writer and motivational speaker on challenges that still confront many women today on their journey to self-empowerment.

Her unique earthy practical and humorous style appeals to women of all backgrounds.  Nancy has appeared on television and radio.  She lectures to promote her work to help women realise their full potential, and to harness the power that lies deep within them in order to move toward their goals.

•  Paperback: 92 pages
•  Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing (September 5, 2008)
•  Language: English
•  ISBN-10: 1606932381
•  ISBN-13: 978-1606932384
•  Retail Price: $12.00

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