The Cerridwen Press Spring Contest Has Begun!

READERS! Here’s the information you’ve been looking for!
Click here for a PDF copy of these instructions that you can print
Here are the rules for the First Annual Cerridwen Spring Giveaway:
· The Grand Prize winner must be a United States resident (due to mailing and custom costs, we cannot ship the grand prize out of the country).
· You must be a member of the Cerridwen Chat Yahoo group to participate in this contest. All clues and contest information will be posted on that loop. To subscribe, send a blank email to:
· You cannot share information about the contest with other readers. All participants should act independently.
· Every day, starting on March 1 and ending on March 15, a clue will be posted on the Cerridwen Chat loop. This clue will lead you to a specific web site or blog location. You must find the hidden/special word on that web site or blog. There will be fifteen words to find, one for each day of the contest. The word will be in a special font, something like this so it will stand out and you should be able to see it easily. If you want to be eligible for the grand prize, you have to find these words. Note the word and the location where you found it.
· You also need to find a tree icon and note that location. Beginning on March 1, look for the tree icon on the web site or blog of the participating authors (see the author list at the end of this page). Make a note of the location of the tree icon or blog.
· The contest ends on March 15 at 5 PM. The tree icons and the ‘secret words’ will be removed from the author locations at that time.
· Assemble the words you’ve found into a sentence. Send the sentence and the location of the tree icons you found in the following format in the body of an email to
Sentence: write your sentence here
Location of Secret words:
1st word: page.htm
2nd word: (if blog)
3rd word:
4th word: and so on ….
Tree Location 1:
Tree Location 2:
Tree Location 3:
and so on …..
· You will need to find 15 words and 13 trees for a total of 28 entries. Sound like a lot? It is, but the prize is pretty big, too!
· E-mail your response by 5 PM (central standard time) on March 16. No entries will be accepted after that time.
· The grand prize winner will be chosen from those who submit correct responses.
· Winners will be announced on the Cerridwen Chat loop on March 20, the first day of spring, at 5 PM (central time). Winners will also be notified by email.
· Grand Prize: A Rocket 1200 Ebook reader with 7 downloads already loaded. A picture of this model is at the end of these rules. Complete instructions will be provided for using the reader and for transferring books to the reader.
THIS IS NOT AN EBOOKWISE ebook reader. You cannot directly download books to the Rocket Ebook reader. In order to use the Rocket Ebook reader, you will need to use GEB Librarian software or the REBlibrarian PC software. Both are available for purchase for a minimal cost ($20-$30).
You will also need a Compact Flash reader/writer device for your PC. These are available at any computer store for approximately $15-$30.
See for an overview of the process used to transfer content to this reader. We will also provide instructions for device use.
This is a used device. The cover is slightly scratched but the reading screen is clear and unmarred. The device is in good working order. It will be shipped to you with the winning books already loaded and will include instructions for adding new content, a spare rechargeable battery, and a power adapter (to recharge the unit). This device operates for 5-6 hours on a fully charged battery.
· Runner-up: 6 downloaded books, emailed to you
· 1st place: 5 downloaded ebooks, emailed to you
· 2nd place: 4 downloaded ebooks, emailed to you
· 3rd place: 3 downloaded ebooks, emailed to you
Here’s the tree icon you’ll be looking for

Here’s the Rocket E-book reader available as a prize. It will be pre-loaded with 7 Cerridwen books.
(shown next to a pencil for size comparison)
This contest is sponsored by the authors listed here.
It is not sponsored by Ellora’s Cave, Cerridwen Press nor affiliated with that company.
These authors will have a tree icon on their web site or blog for you to find starting on March 1:
Amy Corwin:
Charlene Leatherman
Catherine Berlin
Dorothy McFalls
J L Wilson
Janet Miller
Lise Fuller
Liz Jasper
Marianne Stephens
Ariana Dupre
Micqui Miller
Vicky Burkholder
Jude Atkins
Jean C. Gordon
These authors are participating in the Secret Word part of the contest (some authors may be participating in both: tree and word). You will receive a clue by noon on each day to find out where to find the secret word.
Amy Corwin Jenyfer Matthews Liz Jasper
Frances Stockton Mary Ann Chulik Vicky Burkholder
Sam Cheever N.D. Hansen-Hill Eilis Flynn
Terri Thackston Terry Odell Micqui Miller
Karen McCullough Jude Atkins Sharon Horton

Enjoy the hunt!
And let’s all look forward to spring!!