New Contest

CONTEST:Blogs , blogs, blogs.
Which one do you like?

I’ve recently decided to join the blogging world. I signed up for a blogspot account in 2005 but never started my blog due to lack of time. Now, I’m utilizing the blogspot site that I originally set up but I’ve also found a really cool format at wordpress. Have you used either one? Which do you like best? Are there pro’s or con’s to either of these? Have you been spammed to death by one of them? Do you have any other suggestions for blog sites that you love? I’m interested in your feedback so I’m making this a contest. I’m going to give a free psychic reading or ebook download of the new release of Night Visions (winners choice) to the person who sends me the most helpful feedback about these two blogs. You can find them both here: (you’re here now!)

Email me at contact @ melissaa. com (without the spaces.) I’ll announce the winner on February 1st on my website. Thanks in advance!