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Space News Examiner
Space News Examiner

There is an interesting article written by Patricia Phillips, the Space News Examiner, titled, Steve Fossett revelation: remote viewer Ed Dames named Sierra Mountains crash site months ago. In this article Patricia discusses Ed Dames remote viewing prediction that Fossett had died in California, not Nevada. Remote viewing is the ability to obtain information about a person, place or thing that is out of your eyesight. Quite often remote viewing is done at great distances but it’s also a very useful tool when you’ve misplaced your keys.

In the comments Patricia said, “I realize that for many people, any element of the ‘paranormal’ is unacceptable; for others the ‘paranormal’ is very normal, and some viewpoints fall in between”. I wanted to elaborate on this very insightful comment. When it comes to anything of a paranormal or even spiritual nature, including both religion and alternative spirituality, I find that people who don’t believe will usually completely close them off to the possibilities of the topic for a couple of reasons. Fear is the biggest culprit. Who wants to think that their dear departed Auntie may be sitting in the chair across the room with them because she isn’t ready to cross over? That’s very unsettling to say the least. It’s downright scary when that spirit sitting across the room could be lower level with ill intentions. It’s also very difficult to believe in something that you can’t see, can’t prove 100% by scientific analysis but, even though it can’t be proven, does exists.

I completely understand both of these ways of thinking. I’m very skeptical about the paranormal and metaphysics myself because I feel that you need to approach it from a logical, scientific and skeptical viewpoint in order to find truth. I need to see it to believe it. The problem is, you have to be careful what you wish for. Once you’ve actually had a paranormal experience you’ll never feel the same way about it again. And when you’ve had one they keep coming because you’ve opened a doorway to enlightment that isn’t easily closed. And yes, it is enlightenment because you’re expanding your horizons, experiencing the unknown and finding reasons that are beyond scientific for things that seem to be unexplainable in this world. When that happens the paranormal will be normal to you because you’ve experienced it firsthand. But do you run around and tell everyone about what happened to you? You might. But you might stop just as quickly. It’s that section of the population who believe that “any element of the paranormal is unacceptable” who will shut your mouth very quickly. Why? Because who wants to be ridiculed and made fun of by people who think you’ve lost your mind? You wouldn’t want to be so you’ll stop talking about it unless it’s to others who have had similar experiences. Believe me, I’ve been there and done that.

I bet if we took a world survey the number of people who have honestly experienced some element of the paranormal or metaphysical would be surprising. But you do have to be careful. There was a comment on Patricia’s article that said, “Yes, let’s keep remembering the rare lucky hits and forgetting the massive number of misses so that the self-delusional and the fraudulent can keep making a living from the fooled — it’s one of the few parts of the economy that is still working well.” I understand this viewpoint because there really are a lot of frauds out there who claim they can bring love back to you and a zillion other things that are completely out of anyone’s control. No one is going to bring love back to you – that’s absurd. You need to realize that no one can change another person’s free will, no one can fix your problems for you without you doing anything to help yourself – it has to come from within you. A real psychic can see a possible path but it’s up to you to make the decisions that will help you follow that path.

Everyone remembers Miss Cleo right? She’s part of the reason that psychics have such a bad reputation. I recently heard a story where a fraudulent psychic had ripped off someone for $300,000. That’s just stupidity on the part of the person who kept paying her and disgusting that someone would rip someone off like that. But regardless of the horror stories that you hear about, there are people with real abilities, who aren’t out to earn a living doing readings and who don’t rip people off. Who go above and beyond in their efforts to help someone through a difficult time and bring balance in their lives. People who sometimes step out of their personal comfort zones in order to bring enlightenment to others. These are the people who need to be applauded, not ridiculed. As individuals you should be responsible in your search for such a person. In regards to people experiencing the paranormal being self-delusional – well, anyone can be self-delusional whether they’re dealing with the paranormal or not. When it comes to the paranormal, metaphysics or new age topics, don’t approach them blindly, instead go in with your eyes and mind wide open. Do your research, decide for yourself, and then believe or disbelieve based on your own experiences.

I understand that the paranormal, metaphysics, new age and all of these topics are highly controversial and that people either believe in these topics or they don’t. We each have a different path to follow in our beliefs. With that said, I don’t think that one person should force their beliefs on another or ridicule someone else for their beliefs. It’s up to each of us as individuals to decide what is or is not within your realm of possibility.

If you haven’t checked out Patricia’s article yet you can view it here. It’s a great article that’s making for lively discussion.