Haunted Houses of The Rich and Famous

Recently hauntings have kept two prominent and wealthy men from their homes.

Actor Nicolas Cage, the star of the National Treasure movies, Ghost Rider and the upcoming movie G-Force, refused to sleep in the house that he purchased for nearly $3.5 million dollars. Cage owns the LaLaurie Mansion in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana, and it is considered the most haunted home in New Orleans. While he’ll have dinner at the home, he hasn’t slept there yet but plans to do so one day, but states he’ll “be alone” when he does.
The home was built in the 1830’s. If you want to know all about this horrible things that happened in this home, just watch this You Tube video of tour guide Matthew Yaddoshi with Haunted History Tours, New Orleans, who gives a detailed history of the LaLaurie Mansion.


After reviewing that video I wouldn’t want to sleep there either.
Across the pond in Nottinghamshire, Great Britian, the ghosts of Clifton Hall have scared Anwar Rashid and his family right out of the £3.6 million estate according to the BBC. During the eight months that they lived in the fifty-two room mansion the ghosts tapped the walls, screamed and even took the form of their children. That is very extreme and would have been way too much for me too. Rashid said that what really did it for him was…
When we found red blood spots on the baby’s quilt,  that was the day my wife said she’d had enough.
                                            Anwar Rashid

But Cage and Rashid aren’t the only celebrities who have purchased haunted houses. Lindsay Lohan recently purchased Marilyn Monroe’s old apartment, in which two other Hollywood starlets have died in addition to Monroe.  
So that brings me to a question. If you’re rich, famous and can purchase any house that you want, why would you knowingly buy a haunted house? Is it for kicks? Is it because you don’t believe in ghosts? Or maybe you don’t know the history behind the house at the time? Nicholas Cage said he “keeps an open mind”, which is cool but then again, he doesn’t actually live in the house. (Smart man.)
If you were rich, famous and could buy any house your heart desire, would you purchase a haunted house as your primary residence? And if so, why?  Let us know in the comment section below.