Halloween tour of Examiner

Are you ready for Halloween?
Are you ready for Halloween?

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought I’d introduce you to some other Examiner’s who are writing about this paranormal holiday. Here’s a short guided tour for you as we head into October and All Hallows Eve.

Want to meet a ghost hunter? Check out the D.C. Ghost Hunting Examiner, Patricia Marin. Patricia’s group, R.I.P is in preparation to do twelve episodes of The R.I.P. Files, which will be aired on GhostChannel.TV. I know I’m looking forward to reading her articles.

The Shopping Examiner, Tracey Tee, has some great ideas for Super Scary Halloween Decorations.

Angele Sionna, the Early Childhood Parenting Examiner, tells you how to Dress your baby up as Sarah Palin for Halloween.

Elizabeth Oakes, the Wedding Examiner, has an interesting article about Brides In Black.

Don’t miss 4 Easy Ways To Make Your Halloween Fun from Baltimore Parenting Examiner, Mia Redrick.

Judy Browne, The Denver Home Improvement Examiner, has a list of ten things you should do before Halloween, a handy dandy Fall Maintenance checklist for your home.

Wanna take a Halloween Cruise? Maybe you’d like to put together a Dark Knight Halloween Costume? Check out Kristy S-Y’s, the Seattle Parenting Examiner, suggestions.

Romance and Halloween? You betcha! Sally Painter, The Romance Examiner, offers Top 10 Great Fall Dates.

I’m sure there will be more articles posted during the month of October about Halloween. You know I’ll have a lot to say about it. Remember you can always search for Halloween at the top of the page to get all of the latest articles