Cathie’s Guardian

Sometimes, when we’re struggling with problems in our lives, help comes in a form that we never expected. It may be surprising, shocking or scary but if you could get past those emotions what would happen? Cathie’s experience shows how spirit helped her through some problems.

Cathie’s Experience:

I just recall the one paranormal experience that I had when I was a young teen. I slept on a bed near the window which was on the lower roof. I started seeing a man with his arms on his legs, and looking straight out of the window. I got scared and my Dad came up and said he couldn’t see it but would trim the trees tomorrow. He did but I called for him again that night because it was still there. My dad asked if it was hurting me and I said no. My Dad suprised me by saying, “then talk to him”. I couldn’t at first, I just kept watching him stare out of the window. Finally I started telling him about my day, my problems and everything going on in my life. He never said anything back, but did move a bit, sometimes looking right at me, then turning to look back out of the window. Telling him about my problems helped me to work them out. Then one day he was gone. I told my Dad and he said that he probably didn’t have to watch over me anymore so he went to someone else who needed him. I really believe to this day he was there.

It’s wonderful when spirit comes to us in our time of need. Was this Cathie’s Guardian Angel or maybe a family member who came to help her through a time of need? Regardless of who it was, this is a beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing with us Cathie.