These are testimonials from real clients who have had a reading with me and chose to give me feedback to be published on this page. If you would like to submit your testimonial for inclusion on both my psychic and author sites please send me an email. This page isn’t updated often. I used to do readings through a separate website called APsychicHaven.com which now redirects to my author site so when people say “psychic site” that’s what they’re referring to. It’s much easier to maintain one site than two. 

PLEASE NOTE: While several clients have left feedback that I was 100% accurate in their reading, I will be the first to tell you that this doesn’t always happen. No psychic is 100% accurate all the time.  I just wanted to make sure that those of you reading the testimonials understand this.


I had a mini reading with Melissa about a specific question. She sent me a long email with detailed information about the question I asked. I was stunned. Not only did she answer my question, but she also picked up things about me that I didn’t tell her. I intend to use her services again whenever I need counsel. Thank you! Alexandra

I received Melissa’s response within a few hours of submitting my two questions. The guidance and information contained in Melissa’s answers was both reassuring and specific. Based on my own  intuition, I can sincerely and honestly recommend Melissa as a trusted and clear channel for both wisdom and clarity 🙂 Love, Aum

Melissa has the best psychic site I have seen so far. I also love the fact that she is ethical and her website and fees are affordable. My questions from her readings have been so refreshing. ~Gretchen

Hi Melissa, you have an amazing gift! thank you for all the clarification, i appreciate it and again there is quite a lot to take on. you mentioned (Name removed for privacy) and I as  twins had dark hair and grey eyes – we both have dark hair and green/grey eyes in this life too! I am keeping your email and may get back to you at some stage in the future if i feel i need another reading, you have great clarity. I admire you for using you gift to the best possible advantage and being so generous in sharing.Thank you so much and have a good weekend.Sincerely,


I’m just speechless. I was at a tough point in my life and had gone to a psychic around me and she was telling me just what I wanted to hear then when she said, “do you want to have this person back in your life, I can make that happen…..it’s eighty dollars.” So obviously she was not accurate with my reading. So I searched the internet and found Melissa and I feel like we have a connection without even meeting. When she had revealed to me a question I asked, I’ll admit, I was upset because it wasn’t what I was looking for, but her insight showed me the positive side. And didn’t give me false hope like the other psychic because if it weren’t for Melissa, I’d be waiting for two years for my ex to return. Thank you so much for answering my questions, clarifying my life and who I am. This is your calling, you are a great person, and you have many referrals coming your way. Thanks again. Melissa, Long Island

You were very accurate, to the date…amazing. I can honestly say that this reading was so on target and I am very satisfied. I hope things go well for you and I pray that you are able to sort out the difficult things you may going through. Anyway, you are the very best. Hope to talk to you soon. God Bless you and your family. You have a true gift!!!! ~ Dominique, Dolton, IL 

Dear Melissa,
     Thank you for the generous reading you gave on the “Question”.  You are indeed a true psychic and you don’t do this just for money.  You are all out to help your clients.  I am happy that I was able to find you.
     This holidays, and the coming new year and (all the years, too)  i wish you your prosperity, your perfect health, love, success and happiness.
     Thanks again……..

Melissa is a honest, true and 100% correct. I was amazed at what she saw of me. She answers all your question on the particular topic. She has the time and friendly atmosphere to deal with her clients. I recommend her to you all out there who need a honest Psychic. God bless you dear and thank you! Christine, Switzerland

Melissa is a gifted and compassionate lady. Her reading caught me off guard it was so accurate. She answered questions that I didn’t even ask. She told the that I was going to get pregnant, and six months later, surprise! Here I am 15 weeks along! Lindy S. Hudis Los Angeles, Ca.

My reading was 100 percent accurate. Thank you so much. You are truly a woman blessed by God and I am very thankful that God lead me to your site. I have no doubts what so ever that your information comes directly from God. Thank you again so very much. Debbie, Wyoming

I never thought that I’d be writing back to you about this. When I received my reading I never thought that what you said about me working in a hospital thirty minutes from my house would happen. I’ve never had any inclination to work at a hospital. But you were right. I’m now finding myself in a new career in a hospital thirty minutes from me. When this position was offered to me out of the blue (just like you said) I couldn’t turn it down. It wasn’t until I was in my second week of work that I remembered your reading. I’d saved it on my computer and went back and checked it. I just had to write and tell you how accurate you are. Thank you! Pattie, Montana

Melissa’s reading are direct and to the point. She’s honest, ethical and will tell you all she sees, good or bad. I have had other readings before with psychics that charge 5x her rate and her readings are just as good if not better, more honest and accurate. Eli, Washington, DC.

Melissa’s psychic abilities ARE amazing. As is Melissa, by just being herself. I highly recommend her readings – she has made a true believer out of me, and has also helped me recognize that I have my own psychic abilities. Not that I’m too keen on developing them…yet. Love you, girl! Carla : ) ~ Massachusetts

Melissa is blessed with a unique gift. Her Psychic abilities are amazing. Her readings are special because she has the ability to give information accurately and in writing. I’ve had accurate readings with phone psychics before, but I just cannot write as fast as they talk. It is quite helpful and easier to return to my e-mail or the print out of one of Melissa’s readings to review what Melissa has written than it is to review my own notes that I wrote during a psychic reading over the phone. Her gift is extra special because she can connect with an individual without hearing their voice, viewing a picture or seeing the client in person. That is a rare and special gift. I’m glad I found her, but disappointed that I did not find her earlier. She is great! Just try her and see!! I will definitely be a customer for the long-haul. Nicole, California

You nailed my reading. I mean really nailed it. I read it with my mouth hanging open. Thank you so, so much! I’ve had a lot of readings by a lot of different online psychics but never one this accurate and specific to me and my situation. Usually the readings are just generalizations that could apply to anyone. Not this time. If you’re considering a reading with Melissa, I very highly recommend it. I know I’ve finally found a great psychic advisor in her. Betsy, North Carolina


I cannot stop crying.  Not from fear or sorrow, from joy, from knowledge.There is nothing at this point I need clarification of Melissa, you already have done that.  I cannot thank you enough.  Now, my defenses, my worries can start to be allayed.  I can build from here and I will.
Thank you from the bottom of my very deep soul for your love and compassion.  You are truly an honestly lovely being. 
Kelly Lehman

Melissa, your impressions really clarified a difficult situation. I’m so glad you do reading to help others. You really helped me through a very painful situation and for that I’ll always be grateful. Lauren, South Dakota

Right on target! Thanks for a great reading. Your accuracy is amazing!. Dejuan

You never fail to hit home with me. Thank you for everything. Lester

I found your site years ago and am a very happy client. Thanks for just being you. Vanicia

You’re the only psychic who has ever refused to read a situation for me because it meant reading someone else without their permission. I’m so impressed by your ethical standards. I’ll be back for another reading in the future. Thank you! Shar

I never believed that someone I’ve never met could know me so well. Thanks for an unbelievably accurate reading. Alex B.

I think I should mention that after your last reading I had this distinct sense of having received some sort of blessing from your soul. This impression has remained, so I thought I should tell you that you seem to have a definite capacity to release healing uplifting energy to people. A satisfied client.

I truly believe that only a handful of psychics are gifted and I’m glad to have found one of them in you. Peg

Melissa is the best psychic I’ve ever consulted. She’s wise as well as gifted, and I was amazed at how well she understood my situation, with very little information from me. Her psychic insights  have been invaluable to me, her prices are more than fair, and she has integrity and honesty as well as a genuine psychic talent. ~ Sheena in Canada

Melissa has an amazing gift. I was stunned by what she told me via email–how could this woman possibly know things that I hadn’t mentioned to another living soul? I am a believer, and I am grateful for her caring insight.  Peggy

Thank you for your patience and detailed readings. you have helped me a lot. You are very kind and compassionate. Edith

You have a really FUN website! I love the games. Avalon

It is so nice to deal with someone who is truly gifted and not out to rip
people off and will gladly recommend your readings. Donna

This clairvoyance reading was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. I have been instantly uplifted and enlightened. Everything that was said about the present was dead accurate, and everything seen in the probable future was very compatible with the way I would expect things to turn out too. I am finally at peace and with hope. Thanks! J.A.F.P.

This is for anyone considering a reading or readings from Melissa Alvarez.
Please do so, she is a very gifted psychic and a very warm hearted person.
Melissa has answered many questions for me and has helped me a great deal. I can’t begin to thank her enough for all that she has done for me and continues to teach me.
I would also like to say, I know that anyone that receives a reading or readings from Melissa will be amazed with how blessed this beautiful young woman is and her abilities to help others in many ways. God has truly blessed her with many special gifts. I feel and believe in my heart Melissa is an earth angel. ^i^
Melissa, I wish you all the happiness that life has to offer you and your family.
I love your new website!!!!
Love & Light to all
Krista ^i^

I was very amazed at the accuracy of my reading. I really expected to hear a bunch of stuff that i knew couldn’t possibly apply to me. However, I was very mistaken and the reading was very, very accurate. I was told things that no one else knew. I am now a true believer in Melissa’s abilities. I was skeptical before the reading but not anymore. I just want to say thank you Melissa for the help that you gave me and for using your gift in such a wonderfully accurate way. Mac

I would recommend Melissa to anyone that desires a genuine psychic reading.
Being a psychic myself I appreciate the real thing, and Melissa is……Niki

Wonderful reading! Right on target. Melissa is a very warm and caring person, with an amazing gift. Janice

You were extremely accurate and the things that you told me gave me a lot of strength and hope. I was amazed at how much you got from the vaguest of information. Thank-you so much! Shelly

Your accuracy is amazing, Thank you! Kelly

Melissa, I am so happy that you are now able to share your amazing gift with the rest of the world! I know that your visions and insights will help those in need of guidance. This is your true calling! Alicia

Thank you Melissa!

You’re reading helped me TREMENDOUSLY!  We started working it out today!

Many Thanks! 


You were very accurate on the question. The next time I seek out your help, I’ll go directly to your site and fill out the form. I wish I had found you sooner.Your grateful client,

You were extremely accurate and the things that you told me gave me a lot of strength and hope. I was amazed at how much you got from the vaguest of information. Thank-you so much! Michelle

Thank you so much for the reading – it did give me a lift and helped me to feel more optimistic about looking for a new assignment in this market.   It also helped me to feel that whatever happens in my love life, I’ll feel good about it.   I’ll definitely recommend you to others who might be interested. Cheryl

Dear Melissa,

Thank you for your quick response.  I do think you’ve seen the situation very well. I would like to try this again sometime.

God Bless you too….Andrew

It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You only missed by two days and they do both start with a “T” 



Wonderful reading! Right on target. Melissa is a very warm and caring person, with an amazing gift. Janice

You were extremely accurate and the things that you told me gave me a lot of strength and hope. I was amazed at how much you got from the vaguest of information. Thank-you so much! Michelle

WOW! What a gift! Thank you so much for your insights and help with a very delicate situation. Angie