Over the years I have been very selective in my affiliations due to the large number of scams that are online. There are several places that I was previously affiliated with because they were ethical in their business practices. With each of these associations, in order to become a member or receive accreditation, I had either telephone or email discussions with the owners or key personnel that allowed both of us to find out if the other party was indeed ethical. Once they were satisfied with me, and I with them, I was asked to conduct a reading for the person interviewing me so that they could ensure that I was accurate in my readings. Because I was accurate during the reading I was offered certification, a place in their directory or became an approved psychic with their company. Unfortunately, several of these places have since gone out of business (Psychic Society International and The Lotus Circle) or changed their business practices and I ended my association with them (those I will not name). I am currently affiliated with the following places:

Other Associations

The following are places that I’m associated but I wasn’t required to do a reading for the association. I’m including PayPal here because I’ve used their service since I started doing readings online.