The Freedom Formula Experience; learn more and get a free report

What: The Freedom Formula Experience
When: January 22- 25, 2009
Where: Los Angeles, CA


Discover how to consciously capitalize on the biggest trend in business ever. There’s a massive trend occurring in business today. Entrepreneurs who are aware of this trend (and know how to consciously capitalize on it) are making more money, experiencing more freedom and having a bigger impact on the world… no matter what’s going on around them.

Christine Kloser, award-winning author of The Freedom Formula and producer of The Freedom Formula Experience (this January), wants to help you make the most of this exciting trend by offering you a free audio of her eye-opening talk, “How to Consciously Capitalize on the Biggest Trend in Business Ever.” And, while you’re there, you’ll also learn more about exactly how to put Christine’s Freedom Formula to work in your business so you can fully embrace this trend and experience your full potential as an entrepreneur.

The Freedom Formula has repeatedly been an Amazon best seller and this is your chance to get your own copy – or a copy for a friend who needs to find the freedom formula to improve their life. She offers her book to help you learn how to create and grow a conscious business. In addition, she is now offer the Freedom Formula Experience in January — more information about that below.

Download your own copy of the Freedom Formula Sampler which contains endorsements, the full table of contents and the first chapter. This is a great way to sample the book and its contents. Download here

About Christine Kloser:

Christine Kloser is the Author of The Freedom Formula®: How to Put Soul in Your Business and Money in Your Bank; and Conscious Entrepreneurs: A Radical New Approach to Purpose Passion and Profit. She is also the president of Love Your Life Publishing a division of her company, Love Your Life LLC. Christine is committed to helping entrepreneurs make money in their business… and make a difference in the world, while enjoying a lifestyle of freedom, fun and fulfillment. Christine has been an entrepreneur since 1991, when she knew the moment she received her first check directly from a client, that an entrepreneurial lifestyle was the only option for her. Having faced the ups and downs of seventeen years of business ownership (including near bankruptcy) she has come out ahead. And, now dedicates her work to helping other entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls she made by teaching them how to blend passion and purpose with bottom-line profit.

Her products and services include seminars/events, books, classes, home-study programs, coaching, consulting, speaking, and writing. Her book publishing division will be releasing at least fifteen new titles in 2008… all written by her entrepreneurial clients. Her own writings are featured in her books, as well as her free bi-monthly email newsletter, the Conscious Business Connection which reaches more than five thousand subscribers worldwide. Her insights have also been shared in nation-wide media including the Los Angeles Times, Woman’s Day, Making It! TV and several dozen other media and books.