Talgorian Prophecy
Winner Speculative Fiction Romance in the Dream Realm Awards
Finalist in the 2009 Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence

Ariana Dupré: Enchanted in Romance Readers Poll winner for Favorite Author Sept. 2004

Night Visions (2007 Edition):
Erin Aislinn Book Cover of the Month Winner

Night Visions (2004 Edition):
Finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s Book Of The Year Award 2004 – Romance Category
Best Single Title Paranormal Romance 2004 from
Best Romance Novel from Preditors & Editors 2004

2005 Preditors & Editors Reader’s Poll Results
Best Artist, 8th Place – Melissa Alvarez
Best Cover Art, 8th Place – Energetic Healing: The Next Step in Evolution?, Terry Weide Designed by Melissa Alvarez

2004 Preditors & Editors Reader’s Poll Results:
Winner: Best Artist – Melissa Alvarez
Winner: Best Romance Novel: Night Visions
Author Second Place: Ariana Dupré
Winner: Best Cover Art – Every Jack Needs His Jil by Mimi Riser, Cover by Melissa Alvarez
Non-fiction Second Place: The Silver Haired Lady by Melissa Alvarez from the Holiday Extravaganza
Cover Art Fifth Place: Night Visions by Ariana Dupré (cover by Melissa Alvarez)
Cover Art Seventh Place: Earthchild by Allie Bates (cover by Melissa Alvarez)

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Golden Web Award Winner – Website Design of
World Wide Web Award – Silver Award Winner for Website Design of

Top Ten Listing with the Top 100 Psychics
Top Ten Listing with The Best Psychics
Top Ten Listing with Romance Top 100

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I am absolutely thrilled that Blog Talk Radio has chosen my show from last Wednesday as one of the Weekly Best of Blog Talk Radio for the week of December 10, 2007. From Blog Talk Radio: “We’re currently seeing around 1400 shows per week on BlogTalkRadio and that’s a lot of content. You probably missed a few shows, so I’ve compiled a list of some of the best for you.” Here’s the link to the Weekly Best of Blog Talk Radio.  Included  in the listing under Books is:

Beneath A Christmas Moon” Authors Eden Robins, Ariana Dupre and Karen McCullough on The Reader’s Roundtable

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Night Visions Won Book Cover Of The Month!

Syneca did a fabulous job designing the cover.

I love Erin’s description of the cover. She said:


Howling winds. Branches whipping against window panes in the dead of night. All of nature in such a fury that you wish you could wrap your arms around everyone and everything you care about.

Syneca’s cover art for Ariana Dupré‘s Night Visions reminds me of such nights. The eerie stillness of the house just begs for a vision of embraced lovers, who are beautifully rendered below yet we can’t be sure they’re really there because we seem to be looking at them through the shutters. Is it a dream or not?

Night Visions was previously published by Cerridwen Press when this award was won.


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